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Back around Easter 2008, I was diagnosed with a highly aggressive, final stage, terminal prostate cancer with secondary bone cancers throughout the pelvic area.  The prognosis was that on a good day, I had about two years of productive life ahead of me and I began sharing the ups and downs of my greatest journey here on this Blog.  Through this, I have made some new friends who have come along for the ride.  I appreciate them all being there for me.

It is now more than four years on and I am still plugging along with this insidious disease slowly devouring my body but, hopefully, not my spirit.  I offer the following chronicles of my experience in the hope that others who are diagnosed with prostate cancer might have a reference point to start out on their own journey.

After I have gone, this page will index Greg’s Legacy,  the “story of my life with Prostate Cancer”, and will hopefully motivate others with Prostate Cancer to step up to the plate to tell their own stories (here and now).  Simply leave an access request on the “About this Site” page form and my son David will be able to set you up.

Currently (01/08/12), there are 120 posts dating back to 14 April 2008


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26 March 2009 at 1:57 am

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