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Prostate Cancer – Don’t Panic

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So, you have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Don’t panic! Time is on your side and that might help you make better treatment decisions than I did.

Did you know that there are three types of biopsies? Nobody told you? Well that’s par for the course. The doctors won’t tell – you have to ask. Without research, you will never find out if you received the least damaging procedure.

Prostate Cancer is a slow growing disease that, whilst it will not go away without intervention, will not take your life overnight. Many men fully live out their lives without being bothered by the cancer within.

There are five treatment options being radical surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and active surveillance or watchful waiting.

The first four will leave you less of a man and damage your quality of life. In most cases, they will make you impotent with no further sexual activity … ever! Many also suffer incontinence either temporary or permanent. They will each damage your immune system making recovery much more difficult.

Before chosing any of these options, do anything you can that will boost your immune system. This is usually diet based eating foods with anti-oxidents but includes supplements like lactoferrin that I use or probiotics like  ‘Inner Health Plus‘. Do it now and maintain the only resistence your body has.

Within each of these four radical treatment groups, there are a number of options. It is not about which of the four treatments you will chose, it is about which alternative within that group is best for you.

For example, when I was diagnosed, I was recommended a TURP procedure which I blindly accepted. At that time I was unaware that there was more than one way it was done. I didn’t know that there was a nerve sparing procedure that does not take out your sexuality. It seems that my urologist didn’t do that procedure. Now, I am stuck with the consequences. The problem with specialists is that their particular procedure is the only one they understand.
This ‘multiple choice’ applies to each of the treatment options. It is your life and you need to chose the best option for yourself. Your doctors are too blinkered in their own methods to be a reliable ally.

Watchful Waiting and active surveillance give you time to research the best alternative for you. Even if your cancer is so far advanced that it will take your life, you are not going to change that – and that is the truth.

Take control of your treatment … do your research before accepting any recommendation.  Life is not a dress rehearsal – it is your life and your choice.

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