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News Roundup and Personal Update

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Greg’s Health Status

Pauline, my wife and carer, believes that I am deteriorating on a daily basis and she is now nervous about leaving me alone when she goes out for the day.  Whilst that may be true, I don’t ‘feel it in my bones’.  Sure, I have a few more limitations but the concept of finality and death are not yet present. The District Nurse that visits on a weekly basis also figures I am pretty stable at the moment.

I do believe my breathing is improving with fewer airways blockages/spasms although the pain is not as well managed as before with constant aches in the hips and bum bone.

Last week, I could not see my doctor as my breathing was so bad, I was not prepared to walk to the car or from the car to the clinic.  So. we had a telephone consultation.

The links at left are from  It is a great technical resource site that covers just about every treatment available.

Human Lactoferrin

Following our recent post titled “
Breast Milk Can Kill Cancer Cells“, new research confirms safety profile of recombinant human Lactoferrin in a food safety study in healthy human volunteers (source).

Human Lactoferrin is a natural protein that helps to fight and prevent infections. The protein is present in substantial quantities in mother’s milk and plays an important role in the defense system of infants. The protein is also present in various body fluids and continues to play an important role against a wide range of bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens in adults.

For the time being, we are restricted to using bovine lactoferrin which certainly does a job.  One would think human lactoferrin would have superior properties than that from a cow.

Currently, trials are being conducted with genetically modified (GM) cattle to produce human rather than bovine lactoferrin.  I don’t see a lot of value in this as the bovine lactoferrin works anyhow.

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  1. “”Currently, trials are being conducted with genetically modified (GM) cattle to produce human rather than bovine lactoferrin.””
    I have to say that I am just SOooo concerned when I read those two letters GM..
    Taking a GM product to fight cancer would leave me lying awake at nights..


    21 July 2012 at 3:48 pm

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