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Greg’s diary – 12 April 2012

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I woke about 10.30am when the District Nurse called to check up on me. They call Mondays and Thursdays on behalf of Palliative Care in Benalla offering any help they can from bathing me to allowing Pauline some time off to go shopping, play bowls etc.  By the way, Pauline had a big win on Tuesday in the Grand Final of the 100 Up competition at the Euroa Bowling Club with a follow up picture in the local paper.

My biggest problem is breathing as I am suffering from emphysema – no doubt from a lifetime of smoking.  Stupid me … in hospital when I was expecting to live a matter of days, I started smoking again after a 15 month cessation.  Now, I am not as bad as the guy in the TV commercial, but I need oxygen to sleep and when my breathing deteriorates during the day.  I also use a specialised puffer first thing in the morning.  I play my guitar as a measure of my breathing ability.  If I can get out a song, I am doing OK.  Today, I didn’t pick up my guitar at all.

As the body slows down preparing for the inevitable, you are robbed of your energy.  The other day, I tried to stand on the bottom rung of a kitchen ladder and could not make it up just 6 inches.  So yesterday, I started a step-up exercise on the side of a brick (about 4 inches).  I was able to do about 8 reps only.  That’s bloody weak.


Written by Greg Naylor

12 April 2012 at 8:12 pm

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  1. Hi Greg, I have recently had my 62 yr old father in law diagnosed with prostate cancer ( which he didnt let on to either of his 2 sons or his 82 yr old mother ), anyway he hasn’t talked about it in any specific detail to anyone, I believe he is in denial and scared and I dont blame him..i have heard of the gumbygumby tea, and am in the process of trying to purchase it..I was curious to know what your thoughts are on this? And if you think it is worth trying?? I am not sure about how to bring up the prostate cancer subject with him, as he hasnt formerly said anything apart from a few things to his Mum, (Nana) which she in turn has told I told my husband, and he and his Dad have had a brief chat maybe 5 mins and thats it..I just dont want my dad in law to give up…Do you have any suggestions for me???

    Loving daughter in law


    12 April 2012 at 9:56 pm

    • First of all, you need to know if the tumor is confined to the prostate where it can be removed and he will continue with a normal life. If, on the other hand, it has escaped to the bones as secondary bone cancer, there is little or no chance of stopping it. If he has been told that he has a terminal disease, you had better believe it. It will take his life sooner or later. I have survived nearly four years but have entered the final phase.

      Whilst they originally gave me six months, I put my longevity down to a couple of alternate treatments – both of which can be searched for on this blog. They are Lactoferrin to supplement the immune system which is usually destroyed by the cancer treatments and Progesterone Cream, a female hormone product that balances the hormone structure. This particular process gave me back my lost quality of life.

      I did get involved with Gumby Gumby (also searchable here) but it does not work with bone cancer. I did contact the lady who collects it in Yapoon but I have lost her details. You might google for it. Like Jim Stynes, I was unable to find a cure. In recent times I have heard of colloidal silver and a chemical called DCA (Dichloroacetate) but have not gone down that path.

      You must get him past the denial stage as he is simply wasting time not exploring alternatives

      Greg Naylor

      13 April 2012 at 12:27 pm

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