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False Hope

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WPA poster warning cancer patients to be wary ...

WPA poster warning cancer patients to be wary of persons claiming to be physicians and promising to cure cancer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The opportunity to scam terminally ill people appears to be irresistible to more than a few.  As a terminally ill cancer patient, one explores all the available options in the search for something … anything that will improve one’s lot.

Unfortunately, there are those patients, so desperate for relief, that they keep the scams alive.  The latest questions are being asked of The Hope Clinic:

“A MELBOURNE cancer clinic that specialises in alternative therapies acted unethically and did not fully inform dying cancer patients about the lack of scientific evidence for their treatment, despite charging them thousands of dollars, a two-year investigation is expected to find.

“The clinic’s director, Noel Campbell, is a disgraced former dentist who told The Sunday Age he had achieved “complete remission” in some early-stage cancer patients and had extended and improved the quality of life of people with end-stage cancer.

“The clinic, one of the busiest alternative therapy clinics in Melbourne, charges $3500 a week for treatments that are ridiculed by conventional cancer experts. They include ozone therapy, massive doses of vitamin C and microwave therapies.

Alternate therapy does not necessarily mean it does not help.  However, to this point, there have been no alternate treatments that will cure cancer … otherwise they would be part of “The Gold Treatment” regime and that is only developed by ongoing success.  Once the damage is done, it is not going to be repaired.

Alternate therapies have definitely helped me with the use of lactoferrin and natural progesterone cream and I encourage other patients to explore their options.  But, beware!  Do not spend your hard earned dollars on alternate treatments that promise a cure for a substantial sum of money … its not going to happen. If you cannot afford to lose that money, walk away.


Written by Greg Naylor

12 May 2012 at 12:00 am

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  1. Noel Campbell is indeed a very dishonest man. He is now working at the Radiology Centre East Melbourne , injecting patients for procedures. He killed my husband I don’t want him to kill anyone else.This is a disgrace. He is not even a Doctor and is a deregistered dentist who AHPRA are nvestigating

    Kristen Every-Miller

    25 September 2013 at 3:24 pm

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