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She made it!

July 28 is her birthday and she held court for family and friends at the aged care facility where she lives today. I was able to get there and that was a bonus in my condition. It knocked me about but I live to tell the tale.

She received the social recognition of a card from the Queen, another fron the Governor General and a small piece in the Herald Sun.

This lady is so fit she will undoubtedly keep going for some time.  Congratulations go out to Lorna Seddon for a great long lived life.


Whilst we are down in Melbourne for radiation treatment at the Peter McCallum Cancer Institute, we took the opportunity to visit my fathers sister, Lorna, the last survivor of my fathers generation. She turned 99 last July and is so fit and well she will undoubtedly outlive me.

Widowed seven years ago, she now lives in a retirement unit but still cares for herself in every way – she even takes the empty dinner dishes back to the kitchen.

Lorna has fought off a couple of cancers, including having a breast removed, and is currently working on a melanoma on the side of her nose.   Is she complaining? – not bloody likely!   Her mind is as sharp as can be and she shows no signs of boredness or frustration.

She is a lovely old lady that makes you feel good just being around her.

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Written by Greg Naylor

28 July 2012 at 12:00 am

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