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This blog primarily chronicles Greg Naylor’s journey with Prostate Cancer from 2008 until he passed away in September 2012.   He lived in Euroa,  in country Victoria,  Australia,  and was 70 years old when he died. Here’s what Greg said about this blog:

I have been telling my story here online – warts and all – about my trials with the medical system, my emotional journey and other reflections on  life.

This Blog started in 2002 and, at that time, was devoted to social commentary on all levels of government.  In 2008, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and so I began documenting the experience of living with this disease.

Now, four years later, most posts are about the cancer rather than social commentary.

The aim of this blog is to help educate others with tips and pitfalls of living with Prostate Cancer and the various treatments that go with the territory.  As I am coming to the end of my journey, I am welcoming other Prostate Cancer patients to continue this blog.

Through this web site, I would like it to live on beyond my time here on earth.  If you would like to join the growing number of contributors, please leave a request in the comments form here.

In particular, contributions from wives and carers would be much appreciated.

I am a senior citizen of Australia.

I am too old and cynical to be patient with our governments being manipulated by the ‘Power Brokers’ and with the apathy towards them by so many of my fellow citizens.

Every time I have been witness to a media story, it has been reported with a spin. It has never been reported for what it is. My cynicism tells me that ALL media reports are corrupted in some way.

They only tell us what they want us to believe. We must look for the reality.

My generation is your conventional wisdom.   Our wisdom comes from having a different set of reference points to younger generations.

As our parents had experienced the Great Depression and World War II, we were raised in an age of co-operation and good will. As young men, we experienced the ballot of conscription that sent many of our friends to their death or permanent injury in the Vietnam War. We understand the futility of modern warfare.

You may think September 11 was the most profound event that ever happened. To my generation, the assassination of President Kennedy was more important. Since that time, the concept of statesmanship has ended.

In my youth men did not swear in front of women. If a man said “fuck” in public, another man would cross the road to deck him. The concept of public decency has now been eroded away.

My generation’s time has passed. The world is now in the hands of people who have a different set of reference points and who will make the same mistakes that previous leaders made. The advice of your elders can help prevent history repeating itself.

I react to my life’s experiences. I have no loyalties to political parties. My loyalties lay with decency.

This blog records my thoughts as I read news items that affect me and my grandchildren.  It also chronicles the last four years of my life living with Prostate Cancer.


Written by Greg Naylor

7 June 2007 at 11:52 am

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