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The One Way Door – Metaphor of Life

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Life is a progression of one way doors that, once having passed through, there is no way to return.

The first door we pass through is being born. There is no way back and for the next five years until we go to school, we are totally dependent upon our parents.  And then one day, in their wisdom, our parents open another one way door and deliver us to the local school to expand our mind and to develop social skills.  Opening that door exposes us to the thoughts of the other children and our teachers.

Then come the teenage years and puberty kicks in.  When you go through this door, we find out that “Life is a sexually transmitted terminal disease” and that we are sexual beings.  Probably one of the most confusing doors while we figure out our own sexuality.  But, having arrived, there is no way back!

Next comes the choice between higher education and a career.  Upon achieving our independence, we pass through this door to develop all our potential to provide for oneself and maybe a family.

Most of us pass through a new door when we commit our allegiance to another either in or outside of marriage.  Many think they can go back through this door but that is not true.  There are simply other doors to new relationships.

Then one day, some bright spark decides we have reached our use-by date and are no longer welcome in the workplace.  I guess this is why so many of us finish up working for ourselves.  One can easily be pushed through this door but, once inside, we find a world of self-actualisation where we can do all those things that we have left behind due to our other commitments.

From here, our health may suffer due to the lifestyle we have chosen and are headed for the final one way door.  The final door opens when we die.  We have never seen anyone go back through that door apart from Jesus Christ and the occasional near death experienced.

We don’t get the choice of doors.  They are all arranged in a progressive order.  Once each door opens, we are committed to enter and never return.

Written by Greg Naylor

4 May 2012 at 12:00 pm

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