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Why Prostate Cancer returns

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Many men, once diagnosed, become obsessed with getting the cancer out of their body.  In Radical prostatectomy (RP) or removing the prostate, patients are warned that it is likely to return sometime in the future – and it usually does.

Conventional wisdom is that cancer returns because a few cancerous cells may have been missed or that free radicals become cancerous.  As Normy Rowe sang, It ain’t necessarily so.

Could it be that …

Nobody tries to find out why we developed cancer in the first place.

Unless we eliminate the cause, it should be expected to return.  As there is no way to find that out, all we can do is adjust our lifestyle avoiding the choices that lead to cancer.

While we can’t do anything about race or hereditary risks, obesity and smoking are listed as known risks.  A diet with plenty of vegetables, less red meat, fruit and wholegrain cereals, though, can protect you against a number of cancers and other health problems.

It also means looking after your body and the food you eat.  Boost your immune system and balance your hormones with natural progesterone to eliminate estrogen dominance as found in menopausal women.  It improves your general well being and a better quality of life.

Time for a little research.  Don’t fall for the same trick twice.


Written by Greg Naylor

6 August 2012 at 12:00 am

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  1. “”Unless we eliminate the cause, it should be expected to return.“”

    BUT – as you have said – “What is the cause” I vividly recall discovering that I had it, and my first response was “NO, it can’t be…. Was it all those CT scans when I had pneumonia (after a serious virus)”.. I did not smoke .. I could eat anything and not gain any real weight .. I did drink a wine or three.

    I had ‘relatively’ changed dietary considerations, but nothing way out.. So, WHY was that cancer there..? In the wash up, those who know the enemy, said that it had to have been there for many years, and long before I started to improve the diet a bit.

    Prostate Cancer can’t return if you have no Prostate, but a Prostate Cancer cell can be released into the blood and circulate until it finds a home, and start a family. The Blood Bank won’t accept our blood for FIVE years after being “Cured”, and this is because of the possibility of CTC’s (Circulating Tumor Cells)..

    There IS hope and I am more than confident that it resides in Anti-Oxidants and BioFlavones etc. associated with colorful fruit and vegetables, or you can now get them in dramatically increasing quantities, from natural supplements.. al-la Gumby-Gumby et-al

    I support the suggestion via my previous observations of friends “Controlling” cancer naturally because the treatment risks, weren’t worth living with.. Medically, there is documentation that suggests.. “.. and the use of Anti-Oxidants was found to be as effective as conventional Chemo-Therapy, in atrophying PC Cells..”

    I also know of friends who have attained rapid recovery after conventional ‘Burn-and-Poison’ treatments.

    So, armed with a mass of “Suggestions” that these natural supplements “COULD HELP” (to use the required legal jargon), I can but only wonder why folk don’t use these ‘fight-back’ agents to ambush those CTC’s and thus Expect them NOT to return…

    Don’t EVER expect that you will hear formal support for “alternatives”.. The official Government Agencies like the FDA and the TGA are pretty much controlled by the big Pharmaceuticals, and they will NEVER declare that eating Blue-Berries could cure cancer.. ( Unless it was a GM Blue-Berry, that had it’s patent owned by the Pharma – and we know that animals are dying , eating GM products )

    “”…Unless we eliminate the cause…””

    The real irony is that we are seriously entering a dangerous time, when Profit-Demanding companies are more than ever, interfering with our food supplies (GM), and unless we ALL, collectively, start putting our money where our minds are, then we can be pretty confident that CANCER is with us for good.. We MUST start demanding organic and natural foods.. Can you imagine an Atlantic Salmon Genetically Modified by another fish gene so that it grows faster and fatter… Look at the USA, where GM corn is sprayed with Agent-Orange, to control the unwanted field weeds , and that corn then contains Agent-Orange cancer-causing toxins, and we are expected to eat it.. Who has witnessed a Vietnam Vet dying from Agent-Orange contact – I have…

    Greg – you reported on controlling CANCER via breast milk ie. LACTOFERRIN, and yet there is such in Cow’s milk, but how much is removed as they strip milk down to “Low Everything Milk”

    Our vegies are selected to grow fast, and grow big, and in doing so, they do not absorb the same minerals as the slower-growing LEGACY varietals..
    We are allowing the problem to happen in our search for a faster life style… IMHO

    To anyone interested in what is happening to us, subscribe to the “Dr. Mercola” newsletter.. We are all wise enough to know how to filter the Commercial from the Facts..

    Greg, you are in our thoughts and our prayers..!


    6 August 2012 at 8:37 am

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