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Prostate Cancer and the Immune System

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Illustration by Larry Axmaster from his Blog site, Axman and Prostate Cancer

The following extract is from “Axman’s Prostate Cancer Blog”. He has been posting for four years just as I have. I am using his articles to expand on issues that I have faced too.

“For several years now, there has been progress in finding treatments that lengthen life and reduce side effects for guys with prostate cancer. Much of the research has focused on late-stage cancer. The improvements have been positive–but modest.

“There will be an increased focus on a relatively new approach‑‑cancer vaccines‑‑in 2012. These are targeted injections that stimulate your own immune system to identify and kill specific cancer cells. The new vaccines will work much like the vaccines you have already had for smallpox, measles, and other common diseases. Some new vaccines in clinical trials have worked pretty well for some people with some cancers and a new vaccine, Provenge, has been approved to treat late-stage prostate cancer. There is a proven survival benefit—it’s not a cure.

“Historically, some major treatments for prostate cancer have depressed (weakened) the immune system—radiation and chemotherapy are good examples. They are also known for their unpleasant side effects. A successful prostate cancer vaccine would do the opposite—strengthen your immune system and build antibodies that would be protective in the future. There would probably be few side effects. Sounds good, doesn’t it! Want to know more about cancer vaccines? Check out the National Cancer Institute.

“But there’s a long way to go; even the successful vaccines don’t help everybody equally. I’m optimistic! Good luck to all us guys! axman

From the outset, I have been a proponent of boosting the immune system.  It is the only weapon you have yet every known cancer treatment tends to destroy it.  Why is it that our doctors ignore this fact and offer nothing to help.  Let us hope that vaccines like provenge can turn this around.

The immune system can be boosted with supplements such as Lactoferrin (see side bar for links) and modifying your dietary habits to remove meats and add more anti-oxidant containng foods. … Greg


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13 May 2012 at 12:00 pm

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