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Progesterone Balances Testosterone

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***** This is a reblog of a post Greg published on 23.06.2012. In view of my latest article I thought I would publish this again to add further information for those interested in this subject.******

Lee aka Popeye

FACT: USP natural progesterone builds bone density (osteoporosis)

If you are or have been on Hormone Therapy (ADT). you WILL get osteoporosis – a chalking of the bones.  Eventually, you WILL have what they term “A Skeletal Event” usually a fracture of a hip bone.  I did.  If it does nothing else, Progesterone WILL prevent that happening. – Greg

My “quality of life” was stolen by the hormone therapy (Zoladex + Androcur).   I was one of those who reacted badly to ADT.

But, I got it back no thanks to my to my medical team.  Inside 2 days, Natural Progesterone Cream turned everything around giving me back my vitality and quality of life.

Dr. John Lee, M.D. (deceased),  the author of several books including What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, has found that progesterone for men is one of the most effective treatments for prostate cancer. He had a series of patients who had metastatic prostate cancer who went into complete remission with natural progesterone. Progesterone appears to turn on the anti-cancer gene p53.

Progesterone is a hormone manufactured in the body from the steroid hormone pregnenolone. Progesterone is a precursor to most of the other steroid hormones, including cortisol, androstenedione, the estrogens and testosterone.

As a precursor, it looks for weaknesses in the hormone balance and converts into whatever is needed to bring the balance back.  Traditional ‘ PC hormone therapy’ or ADT tries to do the same by reducing the testosterone.  It does not consider the ‘hormone balance’ option.

Both men and women produce all of the sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen, HGH, progesterone, cortisol, etc,).  We just use them in different quantities and for different purposes.  As we get older and no longer need as much of any one of them, we slow down on the production and the balance is lost leading to many forms of ill health.  Men also become estrogen dominant and suffer the same problems that women have during menopause. Progesterone fixes that and is also actively involved in the building of bones.

Our doctors are generally unaware of progesterone to treat prostate cancer.  My doctors ignored my requests until they could offer no further options.  I had to get a prescription from a doctor and then have the 4% cream made by a blending pharmacist.  They certainly make it difficult to access, don’t they!  I use 1 cc or 1 gram (measured by supplied spoon) both morning and night.  that is the equivalent of around 80mg a day.

My GP was so amazed with the result, he has prescribed it to other PC patients.  He believes it is effective for any hormone related tumours.

If your quality of life is being effected by your ‘Gold Standard’ treatment, give it a go.  You will find out if it helps within a few days.

USP natural progesterone refers to the progesterone substance that is exactly the same hormone that is made by the human body. USP natural progesterone is not the same as the ‘progestins‘ that are synthetic versions of progesterone sold by the pharmaceutical companies.

Natural USP progesterone can provide many health benefits for both men and women (read our important article on natural progesterone for more information) , but only if it’s USP progesterone, the only type that’s bio-identical to the naturally occurring progesterone in your body.

I get my Natural Progesterone Cream 100g 4% from MJ Health & Beauty online.

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