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We are nearly all the same

We are nearly all the same

My mentor Greg, some time last year had inadvertently stirred up an interest in me that began my latest quest, resulting in this particular post. Mind you, the search for information on this issue still goes on for me and the more I discover  the more “Holy Smoke what if”  moments I find.

Greg had written much and lectured me a great deal on the benefits of progesterone and in particular, his use of a daily application of progesterone cream. In Greg’s words “it was sensational and made such a great difference to his sense of wellbeing, Progesterone balances the hormones in the human body thus restoring metabolic function.”

Progesterone cream is only available on prescription here in Australia and is normally prescribed for menopausal women. I remember Greg telling me he was lucky that his GP would prescribe it for him being a male. So this is where my interest began that has resulted in the following article for consideration by anyone interested. I have included some links for further information at the end of this post and I can highly recommend the link for Dr John Lee and his booklet on hormone balance for men.

Men with advanced prostate cancer will understand the nuts and bolts of ADT (Androgen Deprivation Treatment) and the fact that ADT shuts down the production of testosterone in the testes to castration levels. This treatment is one of the three primary treatments offered men diagnosed with prostate cancer, the others being surgery, radiation or a combination of these.

At the current time medical opinion believes that the prostate cancer feeds off testosterone hence the use of ADT therapy to cut out the production of testosterone. Thus you can conclude that medical opinion believes that testosterone drives prostate cancer. Almost all men being treated with ADT will at some time find their prostate cancer becomes castrate resistant and will then continue to progress despite ADT.

Hormone balance for men

Hormone balance for men

Hormone balance in men and women is critical for optimum health and both men and women share three main hormones in differing quantities. Testosterone, (men)Progesterone, (the balancer) and Estrogen (female).  It has long been known that an excess or imbalance of estrogen can cause breast cancer in women, however consider the following argument in the case of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer occurs mostly in older men with low levels of testosterone and low levels of progesterone. However estrogen levels in the form of estradiol rise and dominate in older men. The estrogen increases in the fat of overweight older men by the conversion of testosterone into the estrogens. Life style also contributes to the manufacture of estrogens in men by the overuse of alcohol, smoking, diet, pollution, the use of plastics for cooking and drinking and shift work (sleep disturbance patterns).

So are we on the right track in our fight against prostate cancer??????? There is a surprising  amount of studies and information available on the role of estrogen in prostate cancer and further research happening but you really have to go looking for it.

I'm alright Jack

I’m alright Jack

It appears to me that there is not much difference between men and women, just a different percentage of the same hormones. I think the Chinese hit the nail on the head with the concept of Yin and Yang. Same with the hormones, testosterone and estrogen, Yin and Yang and is progesterone the juggler???? And could it really be that estrogen might be the culprit in prostate cancer not testosterone????? perhaps we have been looking in all the wrong places!!


Lee aka Popeye

Further Reading ( *******Dr John Lee Booklet on Hormone Balance In Men Recommended reading )


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