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My PSA is 3400 – How would you react?

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I get frustrated at men who go into a state of panic if their PSA rises from 1.2 to 1.4 when the range for healthy men is 0.0 to 4.0.  My latest blood tests came back with a PSA reading of 3400.  Now that is a big number! 

I googled high PSA’s to find out how high it can go.  The only results came from prostate cancer forums:-

  • yeah  In August of last year 2011. My PSA as measured by Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN was “Off-the-Charts”. My Urologist (who has over 20 years experience) told me that my PSA was the highest he had ever heard of. So it was well over 20,000 (Questionable!). Have been working every day and generally feeling great. No libido however and body hair is thinning like crazy.
  • I have met a 17,000 guy.  Our record here was recently broken. Todd had a 3200 and someone came in with a 4500. At some point PSA is only a number.
  • I know a couple over 10,000. Both for more than two years.  Of course Todd has the 3200 PSA, here, and 7 years of survival. I know quite a few men that have lived long periods after 1000+ PSA’s.  Best advice? Stay Positive. PSA is a number not a timer…

Now, where does that leave me?  Although no one can predict the end, my doctor believes the cancer is finally overtaking my body and does not expect me to see next Christmas.


Written by Greg Naylor

1 July 2012 at 12:00 am

7 Responses

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  1. Hi Greg, Interesting post. Roberts urologist advised us that “it is only a number” unsure what makes them panic when it starts rising!! I think so long as you are feeling ok then maybe best to think yes it is “only a number” I also looked up to try and find the highest some-one had got to but then gave up thought it was best to re-focus and stay positive. I am sure you will be sitting around the dinner table at christmas!
    On another note we had an appointment with the GP on friday to discuss what treatment plan Robert is looking at doing, His reaction to the IV Vitamin C was positive which was reassuring not that it would have made a difference I don’t think. When the medical professional are offering nothing except for hormone therapy injection and pallative radiation later down the track then any option with a bit of history to back it up has got to be one worth trying. He also got a presription for Progestrone cream, this has been ordered by the local chemist and should be ready next week so he will start that straight away. The Dr that has offered the IV Vit C has also put him on Oncomar, OptiCleanse GHI, Supportive Care and until the IV starts he is on Vitamin C capsules.
    I hope you are having a good day today, I see by your posts on facebook that things are a bit up & down hopefully things pick up for you.


    1 July 2012 at 9:29 am

    • Hi Kathy. IMPORTANT: Make sure the progesterone cream is NATURAL and made from SOY – not YAM. It will give Robert a better feeling of well being.

      I need to get more information on the use of IV Vitamin C because I want to go down that path. Please keep me informed.

      All they offered me was the hormone implant and I eventually needed palliative radiation which certainly did a job. I will investigate Oncomar and OptiCleanse GHI as I have not heard of them.

      Give Robert my best wishes and you keep up the good work learning about this wretched disease.

      Greg Naylor

      1 July 2012 at 10:08 am

      • Hi Greg, How will we know Soy or Yam??
        IV vitamin C good on you!!! I have been talking to a friend I have in Brisbane today who’s daughter is getting the IV treatment over there and so far working out fine, she also knows a guy in Wellington with Prostrate cancer who did the treatment and she is going to find out but said that from what she heard last it was successful.


        1 July 2012 at 10:39 am

    • Hi Kathy.. Sorry to read of your dramas.. If you are into wait and see, then I could suggest a simple therapy that could help…
      I know a chap who was told he had Mobile Phone Cancer, and the surgery was imperative.. When told of the side effects, he declined and started taking OPC anti-oxidants.. 8 doses a day. He should have been dead years ago, but the cancer has either shrunk or is now just scar-tissue..
      There is medical evidence (Innsbrook Medical University) of how effective it might be.. We are only allowed to talk in terms of might and may, but if there is a thought that VitC might do something, then you are on the same tram with my friend.. Where do you live…


      18 July 2012 at 5:10 pm

      • Hi Peter thank you for your message, I had looked up the OPC anti-oxidants when I saw it on an earlier post, I am unsure if we can access it in New Zealand but he would certainly give it a go if we can.
        Talking about Vit-C any-one with a sense of humour would have made their day, it started with Rob had been into hosp and had a new stent installed on monday morning he was being discharged and the specialist come to discuss how the procedure had gone and then mentioned that his testosterone level which is down to 2.6 (normal) needs to be at zero so they need to discuss other treatment options, my daughter then said to the specialist you are not talking about medical castaration are you and he said YES, Unsure if Rob had even really been listening as he was busting his backside to get out of there but he out of the blue told them he was going to be getting IV Vit-C, well it was plainly obvious by the colour changing from the neck up on the specialist that he was not amused at all, quickly stood up like a primed turkey and started giving the lecture on how it would not help, when I questioned him on the medical evidence of how it would not help he didn’t really have a lot to say.
        Sadly though it may not be an option for Rob as the prostrate has caused a renal issue and he only has 10% renal function so unless that raises to 20% it would be too dangerous to do the IV – Vit C


        19 July 2012 at 1:51 pm

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