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Fighting Prostate Cancer – Part 5

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Kevin’s PSA drops using Lactoferrin

Two months ago, my neighbour, Kevin Sharp, was in a sorry state.  He had just been advised by his Urologist that his PSA was rising and was out of control and that hormone therapy was no longer appropriate.  He recommended him to an Oncologist for Chemotherapy.

In the third of this series, I discussed how lactoferrins and bovine cartilage had helped me reach remission with my prostate cancer

I was so saddened by his plight, I talked him into delaying chemotherapy and I gave him my supplies of of these two natural supplements and urged him to give them a go.  He took my advice and started taking them.  A month later his PSA had risen from 75 to 104.  Having discussed this with my mentor, Dianne Street, she pointed out that the instructions on the packet are for healthy people and that someone with cancer needs to take a higher dose.  Kevin went from 400mg of Lactoferrin a day to 800mg and finally to 1200mg a day.

One month later and his PSA has dropped to 78. His doctor was totally surprised and told him to keep doing whatever it was that he had been doing (and is now interested in finding out more about this alternate treatment).  Kevin is so excited and is looking forward to another test in a months time.  This is just as exciting for me as Kevin was on no other treatment and it reinforces my belief that Lactoferrin helped bring about my remission.

If someone you care for has any kind of cancer, refer them to this article and get them to pm me through the comments on any post.


Written by Greg Naylor

4 December 2009 at 8:02 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Greg, I found out about Lactoferrin from a man in the healthcare industry. I have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and not Leukemia. My NHL is indolent, or slow growing. It can not be cured. Boy what I would give for a cure. The Lactoferrin and Bovine cartilage bind the iron to the blood and so the Cancer cant feed on the iron. So it gradually dies. Lactoferrin is very expensive if you need to take it regularly as we do and I wonder if we could do something about that –by making a big noise about us still living when doctors had given up and told us to go home and wait until we die. Boy that sounds awful, doesn’t it. There have been times when I could not afford to get the medicine, and that is when the NHL comes back., golly I do go on.


    9 December 2009 at 9:07 am

  2. Hi Greg, My husband was diagnosed on the 6th March 2012 with prostrate cancer it has also spread to his bones, he has suffered renal failure but this has been slowly getting better after having a kidney stent put in. We have been told there will be no operation and he has been started on the hormone therapy so far his PSA levels have dropped from 1170 to 382 while we realise this is only a number we are hopeful it is a good sign. After coming across your page and reading with great interest can you please let me know more about Lactoferrin and bovine cartilage. Cheers Kathy


    6 May 2012 at 2:17 pm

    • No matter the treatment for cancer, everything they throw at us damages the immune system – the only internal tool you have to fight this aberration. Yet, they offer nothing to boost the immune system. The use of supplements like Lactoferrin and Bovine Cartilage can only be positive.

      The theory behind these two supplements is as follows.

      Bovine Cartilage is similar to the arthritic medications that target lubricating the joints. Bovine cartilage is promoted as a dietary supplement for the treatment of cancer, osteoporosis, and other conditions. Supporters claim that bovine cartilage may act in several ways: by directly stopping or slowing cancer cell growth, by boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation, and by preventing tumors from forming new blood vessels.

      Lactoferrin, on the other hand, is already present in the human body and, in boosting access to it, the immune system activates more rapidly and prevents the tumours access to iron in the blood.

      The bottom line is that I found them to be beneficial yet harmless to the human condition. Simply research the web – even here there is more information available. Do an onsite search from the top of the page.

      Greg Naylor

      6 May 2012 at 2:51 pm

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