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Greg’s Greatest Journey – 14 June 2008

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Monty Python Medication

You can get a good indication at how I am traveling by my Blog activity. This week I posted 4 blogs here and commented on these and a variety of other local blogs. That would indicate I haven’t been too bad this week.

The desperation I experienced back on the 6th June (Dying really sucks) appears to have been caused by over medication. Weighing in around 50Kg, I had been prescribed a slow release anti-inflamatory at a dose suited to a man of 150 Kg.

Over a two week period, the excess medication had built up in my body and started fighting back. The lower half of my body went into muscle soreness like having played football all day and my breathing became very labored with wheezing and coughing.

Three days later, under my doctor’s supervision, I stopped taking that medication and have now gone four days without it. Normal breathing has returned, I’m ready for another game of footy and the incredible pain events have not yet returned.

The hormone implant supplemented with panadol and ibuprofen is keeping me pain free … well I do have the normal twinges of a 66 year old. By the way, I had a birthday back on the 4th.

I have suddenly realised that all of the pain I have experienced since being diagnosed with prostate/bone cancer has been caused by the medications prescribed.

When I first presented back in March, I was as I am now. The real pain began after the Turp operation when they put me on the ‘girly pills’. Androcur is an aggravant to bone cancer and begins by making the cancer more active … hence the pain.

To control that, they put me on Morphine tablets that nearly destroyed me. After I came down off the morphine effects, they put me on the Naprosyn at too high a dose that nearly shut down my respiratory system.

It is like as if they diagnose you with cancer and then assume you are in agony and go for the kill on pain management when it may not be needed. Maybe they are giving you a taste of what you are in for at the other end of the journey!

It makes me wonder how many people are blindly taking prescribed medication and suffering a lower quality of life because of it.


Written by Greg Naylor

14 June 2008 at 7:04 am

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