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My Fight: PSA is back to normal

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Weekly update letter

Dear family and friends

Pauline has spent the last week in Possum’s Creek with her daughters family celebrating her granddaughter Isla’s second birthday.  While she has been away, my daughter Anthea and her sons Darcy and Angus stayed over last Tuesday night and David, my son, stayed over on Sunday night.  Along with wake up calls from a couple of the locals together with visits from the district nurse and a long lost friend, I haven’t had a chance to feel lonely.  Pauline arrives home tonight so I had better clean up a bit.

Well, it is back to the hormone therapy! Dr Chris implanted the pellet in my belly today and I am not too sure it was the right thing to do.

In treating prostate cancer, the test the doctors rely upon is the PSA reading.  This is a blood test measuring the level of prostate serum antigen (psa) in the blood.  The expected range is between 0 and 4 in unaffected men.  The history of my readings over 12 months was 850, 1030, 300, 50, and 5.5 last January.  At that time, we withdrew from the hormone therapy to get some relief from the side effects it carries.

Now, three months later, my latest psa reading is 1.1 – which is absloutely spectacular – and that without the use of the implant.  It would appear that the carry-over of the last implant is still having an effect.  Alteranatively, it may be from the bovine cartilage and lactoferrins that I take as supplements. So, why did I opt to go back on this hideous treatment. I hear you ask?

Well, the reality is that I am not traveling as well as I was back on the hormone therapy as I think it may have been helping with the bone cancer pain.  On Friday, I see the specialist again so I might have more to report next week.



Written by Greg Naylor

22 April 2009 at 12:30 am

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