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Fighting Prostate Cancer – Part 3

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Doctors concerned over complementary cancer treatments

After telling you how I found alternate therapies, I was annoyed to hear an ABC AM broadcast warning patients against taking supplements whilst undergoing other traditional treatments such as chemotherapy.

Read transcript here – or – listen to the AM segment here. Some quotes are:

Part of the problem is communication.  All too often doctors don’t ask and patients don’t think to tell. Either way, Professor Cohen says it’s an attitude that needs to change.

MARC COHEN – professor of complementary medicine at RMIT: Patients often don’t want to tell their doctors what they’re taking because they’re afraid the doctors won’t approve and doctors I think are being reticent to ask about them because if they get the information they don’t really know what to do with it.

The head of the Cancer Council of Australia, Professor Ian Olver, says “some treatments can make chemotherapy either ineffective or more toxic.”

This is an unneccessary scare campaign that does nothing to help the patient. Many alternate therapies work – or – can do no harm as is the case with lactoferrins and bovine cartilage.  Before embarking on any alternate therapy, you owe it to your doctor and yourself to ask the question, “Will this interfere with my current treatment?”.   A “don’t know” response is not acceptable. Your doctor has a responsibility to advise you accurately.  Accept nothing less.

Read Just What the Doctor Ordered about how lactoferrins ASSIST chemotherapy

“It sounds like an alternate reality: Ice cream so good for you it’s prescribed by doctors.

According to Food Week Online, researchers at the University of Auckland are working on developing an ice cream that combats the side effects of chemotherapy. They’re working in partnership with Fonterra, New Zealand’s largest dairy.

The ice cream, called ReCharge, employs active ingredients from dairy products to relieve diarrhea, anemia and lack of appetite in people undergoing chemotherapy. Studies already have shown that milk fat and another milk component called lactoferrin can protect the lining of the intestine.

“Earlier trials in the laboratory found that weight loss and damage to the gut lining were significantly reduced by the active ingredients,” said Geoff Krissansen, a University of Auckland professor, told Food Week. “There were also marked improvements to the immune system and blood markers.”

So if your Doctor or Urologist questions your choice to use lactoferrins because, “it is not in my textbooks”, tell him to Google lactoferrin in the news.

Two ready sources of Lactoferrin capsules are:-

Written by Greg Naylor

26 November 2009 at 12:00 am

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  1. It would seem that LactoFerrins work in a similar way to OPC (OPCXtra), in that they boost the general Immune system.
    Specialists advised that OPC should not be taken in conjunction with Chemo’, because it would be boosting the Immune system at a time when the Chemo’ was trying to destroy it. Coincidentally, the experts (?) of OPC do say that it should be stopped at least 4 days prior to a Chemo’ Session.
    There is Med-Journal evidence that OPC is a strong candidate for Alternative-PC-Treatment.
    Problem – None of the mainstream Doctors are even interested in it’s possibilities. see

    OPCXtra contains Grape-Seed Extract (Resveratrol), Grape-Skin Extract, Pine-Bark Extract (Pycnogenol), BilBerry Extract and Green-Tea Extract.. All of which tend to appear in the general “Cook-Books of Alternative Cancer Treatment”

    Peter Atkins

    15 May 2010 at 7:14 pm

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