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My fight – weekly update – 05.10.08

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My new vegetable garden

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Dear family and friends,

You may have noticed that I have not posted this week.  That’s because the pneumonia recovery has been slow and difficult and I have not had the motivation to keep the posts coming.

This coming Friday, I see the specialist again to see how the hormone therapy is working … or not!  This will be determined by the blood PSA reading which is expected to have fallen from 300 to 100.

On Saturday, my son David came to visit and to do a few jobs around the place that I no longer have the stamina to complete – like preparing my spring vegetable garden and mowing the lawn.

David loading the tank rings with fresh topsoil salvaged from local roadworks

David loading the tank rings with fresh topsoil salvaged from local roadworks

When he left this afternoon, I had a brand new forty foot garden bed complete with drip irrigation and string trellising for about 20 tomato plants.  At the front of the bed, we transplanted about forty strawberries along with about 20 basil seedlings.  I’ve still got to source the tomato seedlings and the bed will be complete.

Behind that bed, you see David offloading topsoil into the three tank rings and the square sleeper box bed.  The council have recently been resheeting the Edi-Cheshunt road and in widening the roadway, they conveniently dumped about twenty truckloads of virgin topsoil at the end of the property.  Whilst it was beyond my restricted capabilities, David got stuck in and shovelled four trailerloads of this sweet smelling silty loam into the trailer and then into the raised beds (over the remnants of last year’s potato crop) where I will be planting the rest of my summer vegetables.

On Wednesday, Pauline’s brother and his son are spending the day also offering to do a few jobs around the place and I hope to be able to get them to get another two trailer loads to top the raised beds up completely.  Then I will be set up for a fruitfull summer growing my own produce.

Managing all this work has exhausted me but at least my muscles are responding after six months of withering since diagnosis.

Regards, Greg

Written by Greg Naylor

5 October 2008 at 8:17 pm

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  1. That is lovely Greg, hope you get the tomatoes, Mine are just starting to shoot. Parsley is starting to grow, slowly, and I have to get some Basil to keep the flies down. Talk to you later. Dianne


    7 October 2008 at 3:34 pm

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