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Fighting Prostate Cancer – Part 2

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Being a Blogger, I found it easy to write about my experiences and I soon felt confident in discussing the problems as they arose.  This created a chain of events that saw me achieve remission.

The first link in the chain was Brad Worrell, the reporter with the Albury daily newspaper, The Border Mail.  Brad had been following the local Blogs as part of his news gathering and asked if he could write an article about my fight with prostate cancer.

To Brad Worrell, I am eternally gratefull for writing that piece – without it, I would not have found this path to remission.

His article (which can be read here) spawned reactions from various other cancer sufferers – one who offered an aboriginal remedy being Gumbi Gumbi (which I wrote about here).  I tracked down the source and found that Gumbi Gumbi comes from the Lilly Pilly Tree and has proven effective on any cancer except bone cancer – which is what I had.

The second – and key – contact came from Sydney suburbs when Dianne Street, a long term blood cancer survivor, with Leukemia and later Lymphoma,  was sent a copy of the Border Mail article and felt an affinity with me offering the secret of her longevity.  This lady had been through the mill with bone marrow transplants, platelet transplants, chemotherapy and radiation.  Yet, she put her survival down to a couple of natural supplements – even her specialists were amazed and told her, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!”

Early in her career with cancer, one of her doctors had been exploring the use of lactoferrins and bovine cartilage and began treating her with these supplements.

Lactoferrins are already present in the body fluids (saliva, tears, etc) and come from milk.  Mothers’ milk contains about 14% lactoferrins which are the building blocks of the immune system and are also part of cholostrum.  The lactoferrins used as a supplement come from the whey of cows milk which contains <1% lactoferrin.  They work by binding iron to the blood preventing access to foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses, tumors and other germs.  They form free radicals that attack the foreign body destroying it.

Bovine cartilage is that slime you see on the ball joint of marrow bones.  It is the lubricant that keeps the joints mobile.  Bovine cartilage is used as an anti-arthritic and as a sports medicine for athletes.  In the battle against cancer, the bovine cartilage forms a scum over tumors helping to prevent the tumor from attaching to the blood stream.  Together, they appear to be a formidable defence against new tumor development.

My previous writings show that I began taking these supplements in July 2008 and I note (here) that I recorded a positive response just one week after commencing the treatment.  I have been on these supplements most of the time ever since and I credit them as contributing towards my remission.

Of course, it goes without saying that Dianne and I have formed a lifelong bond and a mutual support system.

The next time I see my Urologist I will be asking for some statistics on palliative cancers such as mine reaching remission in 18 months.  I will let you know the answer come January.


Written by Greg Naylor

25 November 2009 at 12:00 am

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