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Blood in the Urine, Radiation Cystitis and Wait…….There is More Side Effects.

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Its all about dealing with side effects

Its all about dealing with side effects


It seems some things are never simple for me these days…… Things have changed somewhat since publishing my previous story on my diagnosed radiation bladder cystitis and the hyperbaric treatment I was having to correct the problem. There has been a new diagnosis offered for the bleeding I was experiencing. To explain this issue I will describe the events that have taken place since my last article “Blood in the Urine and Radiation Cystitis Part 2.”

In my previous article I described graphically my hospitalisation with urine retention due to clotting. I deliberately did this so that people might have some understanding of what this condition may be like. Three weeks after I was released from that first hospital visit I again presented to the emergency department with the same symptoms and the dreaded catheter was inserted once more. This time my stay would be for a week before the bleeding subsided, so I got to experience the dance of the bladder spasm’s again.

It was during this second hospital visit that I had a conversation with a colleague I had met in the hyperbaric medical unit that would change the game plan a little. Our conversation began with a critical chat on, “How come the hospital didn’t perform another cystoscopy and cauterise the blood vessels responsible at the time.” Then my colleague recommended a certain urologist in Townsville and suggested I should get a referral for an appointment as a private patient. My second hospitalisation coincided with the end of my hyperbaric treatment and sadly it was presumed that the treatment had not been succesful for me.

A few days later I was able to consult with the recommended urologist in Townsville. He was very thorough and was able to access most of my medical records over the past two years. After an examination including a DRE he advised me to consider having a cystoscopy to evaluate the condition along with any cauterisation required. He also explained that it was his opinion that my bleeding problem could be from my prostate gland and not the bladder itself. He explained that the remains of the prostate gland after radiation treatment contains a gelatinous amount of dead cells and damaged blood vessels. This gelatinous material continues to enlarge and will slough off from time to time causing hematuria and clots in the urine. He would be able to make a definitive diagnosis during the cystoscopy.

And so it was……. After the procedure the urologist confirmed that while my bladder does indeed show evidence of radiation damage it was not the main cause of my troubles. The remains of the prostate gland was at the centre of the bleeding I had been experiencing. He cauterised the surface of the gland in the hope that this would be sufficient to correct the problem. Time will be the decider on the success of this procedure, if the bleeding recurs, the next plan is to go back in and scrape the gelatinous mass and remove it entirely back to the capsule, just like scraping out an orange.

It is now two weeks down the track since the latest procedure and cauterisations and I still feel pretty knocked about. I am experiencing urinary problems including more visits to the loo complete with urinary pain and mild bladder spasms from time to time. Some incontinence with urgency, pain and inflammation within the pubic area and to round it all out the UTI is back. The good news is that I have not experienced any bleeding so far and my new urologist claims that I should improve within the next week.

So there you have it……A bit of a long saga but I am happy to have presented it here in the hope that some other poor soul may benefit from my experience. It is said that every persons journey with cancer is different and I have to agree. This radiation damage voyage has led me through some horrible events and was looking like the condition might remain unresolved. All of a sudden a new path appeared out of the blue with a medical opinion that it just might be the remains of the prostate gland that is the problem. None of the previous doctors I had seen about the bleeding had mentioned other possibilities apart from problems with the bladder. Indeed the bladder may be an issue further down the track as it shows damage but for now perhaps the cauterisation of the prostate will let things settle for a while.

You decide the treatment and suck it and see

You decide the treatment and suck it and see

My cancer is still in remission but the side effects of my treatments continue to send me down some awful dry gullies since my diagnosis. A side effect of the hyperbaric treatment  that I have been afflicted with is a visual degradation, where it seems like my eyes have been smeared with Vaseline and everything is out of focus, even glasses do not help. the doctors assure me that it is a rare occurrence and I should get over it in eight to twelve weeks. Returning to the more serious bleeding events, it is worth stating here, that the side effects of radiation bladder cystitis and radiation proctitis of the bowel occurs in a very low percentage of patients receiving radiation treatment in the pelvic region. However if you happen to be in the very low percentage I hope my story might be of benefit. In closing this article it has made me think about the decisions made when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. If the new diagnosis of bleeding from the prostate gland proves correct, then the question would be. Would I have benefited had I elected to have had surgery and removed the gland prior to radiation??? This will be a question I will put to the urologist on my next visit, but I have a feeling there will be no definitive answer.

Lee aka Popeye

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  1. Pop, It certainly has been a ricketty, hell road for you down the ‘cancer treatment’ path.

    Know in your heart that, in sharing these experiences through your blog, you are giving knowledge to those who may (unfortunately) follow. It gives them questions to ask the specialist, who I dare say are also still learning. As we all know….no two people are the same.

    I know you are special…..but how can you be so damn special to get all these damn ‘rare’ side effects?#@?

    I Love You Pop….hope to see you soon. I may bring the rugrats down to terrorize you in Sept. xxxxoooo


    30 July 2014 at 11:41 am

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