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The Search For New Pathways In Devolping New Cancer Drugs

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New Drug Pathways

New Drug Pathways

I apologise to my readers for the long delay in setting down any new material on this website. There are quite a few reasons for this delay but it is largely a result of writers seizure….. I simply have not been inspired to sit down and create an article that may be of interest to readers. New inspiration has been hard to come by, as lately I seem to be overly concentrating on my personal trials and tribulations without considering the wider view of prostate cancer and its effects on patients and carers.

Recently I was sent the following interesting piece of information by a fellow sufferer and member of one of the prostate support groups that I belong to. Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in Australian men after lung cancer. Current drugs used for treatment of prostate cancer don’t specifically target the cancer cell, hence the long list of side effects.

In the link provided below an Australian PhD researcher Alice Klein describes her work designing new prostate cancer drugs which only kill the cancer and leave other cells unaffected. This link will take you to an ABC radio broadcast on the “Science Show” plus an accessible printed transcript of Alice Klein’s speech.

I am not sure how long this link will remain active but I can guarantee that this talk on her research will be of interest to all cancer sufferers as researchers continue to seek new pathways in the fight against cancer. God speed Alice.

As for an update on myself…….. I will be heading off to Townsville very soon to undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatment for the radiation bladder cystitis. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy next monday to investigate if there is any additional radiation damage to the bowel area and the results of this procedure will affect the length of the treatment I will receive in Townsville.

I look forward to reporting on the hyperbaric treatment and the results, as I feel confident that my report my help others who are facing the same sort of side effects from radiation therapy and give them confidence in having these issues successfully dealt with.

The Search Continues

The Search Continues

Lee aka Popeye


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23 April 2014 at 11:22 pm

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