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Welcome back for 2014

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Fitzroy Island Christmas 2013

Fitzroy Island Christmas 2013

Hello to all my readers for 2014. I hope you all had a wonderful festive season as I did and are looking as optimistic as I am for the coming year. My wife and I spent a magical three days over Christmas with both our son’s and daughter’s families at beautiful Fitzroy Island near Cairns, I have purposely not submitted an article until now, as I was hoping to report on much more than I can do in this issue, however a much fuller report must wait for now, until things become a little clearer during February.

Back in November 2013 my pathology reports were very good apart from the discovery of blood in my urine. At the time I was told that I could look forward to a procedure called a cystoscopy that involves a camera being inserted into my urethra to investigate the problem. This procedure would likely take place within a three-month period. So I figured my blood in the urine symptom was not as urgent as I had imagined due to the long wait for the procedure to take place. I was aware that this symptom could be caused by the radiation treatment I received twelve months previously and or many other reasons from a dire prognosis of other cancer problems or to every day mild infections. I was also feeling extremely healthy at the time with good energy reserves and normal mental functioning so I have not been overly concerned with the wait.

I have now been told the procedure will take place on the 19th February so I should have further news on this issue around the middle to late February to report back on this website. The blood in the urine discovered in the pathology confirmed what is known as microscopic hematuria, however I was aware of the problem for some time previously as I had periods of gross hematuria where the blood was extremely visible from time to time. Over the previous two months I have experienced periodic episodes of gross bleeding with the passing of clots from time to time. Now this may sound like it should be a bit of a worry but I have been feeling so much better within myself otherwise, that I am not overly concerned for the moment until the results of this procedure are known.

I guess you could say, that because of my overall other health benefits at the moment, it is my belief that this problem is the result of my own bodies immune system, repairing itself and ridding the crud out of my system from all the horrible things that have taken place in my pelvis since I was diagnosed back in March 2012. I have no way of knowing if my hunch is right until hopefully by the end of February when I will know for sure if my optimism will be justified.

In all other health areas my pathology tests and body scans have confirmed that I am in better shape than I have been for the past two years. None of the scans show any spread to the bones or organs, my PSA remains almost undetectable. My blood pressure is the best it has ever been, my sugar levels are now back to normal, my cholesterol levels are also normal and my liver function tests are also OK. The best part is, I actually feel healthier than I have for a long time. The doctors have agreed that if my PSA remains undetectable at my next test due in February that I will be able to come off the hormone implant therapy (ADT ) in March and that is great news for me.

So that brings me to the end of this article for the time being and I look forward to be able to present a favourable report on the cystoscopy procedure in due course. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my new-found sense of wellbeing.

On board the old boat Fitzroy Island 2013

On board the old boat Fitzroy Island 2013

Lee aka Popeye


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