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12 Month Anniversary Tribute For Greg

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Dear Readers. On the 24th September, it will be the sad anniversary of the death of Greg Naylor from prostate cancer. So as a tribute to Greg I would like to do the following. I have re-published the articles “The Last Post” By his son David and also the article by Greg “I Have Never Died Before.” These are immediately below this post.

The article “I Have Never Died Before,” was Greg’s attempt at bringing everything together in a book form. It finished up a complete autobiography, not only with his fight with cancer but his personal life and spiritual beliefs throughout his time on earth. Greg’s article is his legacy to his family and the general public as a complete life story of the man himself.

It is not everyone who gets the chance to do this during their lives, but in Greg’s case I feel it was the cancer itself that gave him the opportunity to envisage and compiete this story. In many ways, it could be read and seem to be a very ordinary story with little to offer the reader. However there is much more to evaluate when looking deeper into this mans life and comparing it with ourselves.

Greg in his illness, attempted to give something back to other men diagnosed with this disease and he chose to do this through his web site. He, like myself wanted to offer a personalised account of his medical and mental trials throughout his treatment so that others, coming behind him could identify with someone who is going through the maze before them.

It has been said that each mans journey with prostate cancer is different on a medical level, but there are many similarities on a personal basis that patients can take advantage of for help and guidance when either, reading or talking to those that have been there before them. That is a recognised benefit of support groups; and this is exactly what Greg’s site offers readers.

The hidden value of Greg’s articles is that they are timeless. The information related to cancer and its effects is identifiable and just as relevant today as when he began writing about his journey with cancer in 2008. My efforts of contributing to this web page, is in hope that this site continues to satisfy a need for personal information to men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their carer’s. I would very much like to continue providing much of what Greg began in 2008 for those that follow us down the track.

The article/book, “I Have Never Died Before” is reproduced below this article and following Davids tribute with the “Last Post.” It is a lengthy book size article with a table of contents making it easier to move about. I would urge readers to investigate the chapters, as they will lead people into the private life of a good man.

I sometimes wonder if things might have been different for Greg, had he survived long enough to see the acceptance and availability in Australia of the new drug Abiraterone. (Zytiga) The question will remain unanswered unfortunately, but this drug will make a difference in the management of prostate cancer for many men from this time onward .

Greg, in my mind you stand proudly beside those men and women who I have, from time to time brought to the attention of our readers in my previous articles. Andy Ripley, Harry Pinchot, Jai and Randy Pausche and the many more ordinary folk who have managed to make a difference, and of whom I have still to discover. Thank you Greg for being there for me.

Old Mate

Old Mate

Lee aka Popeye


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