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My Cancer Voyage Part 2

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Healthy Diet and Exercise

Healthy Diet and Exercise

As revealed in my last article I have been diagnosed with a few extra medical conditions to contend with. Stage 2 diabetes, an enlarged fatty liver and early stage osteoporosis have caused me to change course slightly and this has allowed me to ease the sheets a bit , free up the sails and take the strain off the ship for a while.

My apologies to you all as I couldn’t help myself with the colourful phrases but what it all means, is that I have now been put on a health care plan. The health care plan involves regular visits with a dietician, a podiatrist, a fitness instructor and a health care specialist. Now rather than poo poo this stuff I have decided to take a positive attitude and I am rather confident it will make a huge difference on my cancer management.

The changes I have needed to make to my diet have not been too hard, but I do miss my butter on wholemeal toast and on my steamed vegetables. I have managed to replace the butter with garlic infused olive oil or low-fat cottage cheese on the veggies. As far as the toast is concerned I have cut back on the amount of toast and replaced this with oats for breakfast. I have cut down the amount of potatoes, pumpkin and parsnips as well as the amount of red meat I consume. My teaspoon of sugar in tea or coffee has been replaced by the natural sweetener stevia and my full cream milk in these beverages has been replaced by low-fat types. I also do not purchase chocolate any more.

Salads now have increased and balsamic vinegar replaces the mayonnaise I used to have as a dressing. My fondness for home-made Anzac biscuits is kept alive by using stevia as a replacement for the golden syrup and surprisingly the resulting biscuit is acceptable. I have not had an alcoholic drink for two weeks and it has not been the hardship I thought it would be. My fruit intake has increased and I continue to use fresh lime or lemon juice in my water.

I have increased my daily walk to approx an hour or so and the fitness instructor was surprised and introduced me to stretching exercises which I was advised should be done after my walk. These are strictly stretching exercises and I saw the value in these immediately. I had not realised how restricted in movement my body had become until I tried these, and it made me see how much I could benefit by regular use of these types of exercises.

Stretching Exercises in Moderation

Stretching Exercises in Moderation

The result of all this attention is that I have already lost 4 kilo, my blood pressure has dropped to levels not seen in years, my skin colour has improved and healing is taking place on many of my skin lumps, bumps and liver spots. I have more energy for a longer period and have an improved sense of well-being.

Now, I feel I should take a step back here for a moment and mention that I still have fatigue issues from time to time. I still have aches, pains and stiffness and various other side effects from the ADT medication. I still experience sleep disturbances and fight the demons of pain and stiffness throughout the night along with multiple visits to the loo.

My cancer still holds a threat of recurrence at some time in the future and I dread the possibility of that happening. In the meantime I can see the great value in the course I have begun with this health regime. I am thinking it is likely that my immune system is also being boosted which should postpone any recurrence of my disease hopefully for many years.

I find it interesting that these extra medical health problems that have arrived, may be the very catalyst I needed to turn my health prospects around to continue my fight against the cancer beast. I fear becoming dependant on others for my well-being and losing my independence, unfortunately these fears will be realised if the cancer returns and becomes unmanageable. The real difference I can make right here and now, is for me to embrace this health regime, giving me the possibility of prolonging this event and increasing my quality of life, perhaps for many, many, years.

Fighting Cancer with Fitness

Fighting Cancer with Fitness

Lee aka Popeye


Written by Lee

17 August 2013 at 9:55 pm

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