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Harry Pinchot “Roses For My Lady”……………………… Remarkable

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Roses for my Lady

Roses for my Lady

In this article I would like to introduce a truly dedicated person who authored a memorable speech that has become synonymous with hope throughout the prostate cancer fraternity. This man is “Harry Pinchot” and the speech is called “Roses for my Lady”

Harry Pinchot was a prostate cancer patient diagnosed in 1995 and died from his illness in January 2008. Harry became a much revered advocate for men diagnosed with this disease, working for years with the Prostate Cancer Research Institute in Los Angeles founded by Dr Stephen Strum and Dr. Mark Scholz.

Harry worked tirelessly with the Prostate Cancer Research Institute to inform and educate men and their families about prostate cancer and its management. As part of his advocacy he would frequently attend support groups, meetings and conferences where he would present a speech he authored known as “Roses for my Lady.” I personally believe that this speech was his most important legacy and has become for myself and many other patients an inspiration. From time to time I find myself reading the speech whenever I find myself down in the dumps.

It is also my view that this wonderful speech should be seen in a broader sense as it can just as well be related to all cancer patients and carer’s regardless of cancer type. “Roses for my Lady” and a dedication by Dr Stephen Strum can be viewed on the following Link and I would urge readers of this article to check out the link below.

Harry is remembered and honoured by an annual award called the “Harry Pinchot Award.” It recognises outstanding men and women who are prostate cancer awareness advocates. These unsung heroes strive to make a difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families.

I am constantly reminded in life that some of the most subtle, meaningful and spiritual uplifting events are revealed by normal everyday people, to the world. Every now and then some ordinary man or woman will be noticed for a great act of inspiration that gives hope and faith to others. This little article by me is my way of saying “Thanks Harry.” and God Bless you and your like.

Harry Pinchot

Harry Pinchot

Lee aka Popeye

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