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A Web Page Disclaimer

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Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff

I have decided for legal reasons that I should publish the following disclaimer in regard to articles that I am submitting on this site. Unfortunately and like everything else in life it is getting harder and harder to just act out of goodwill without considering the consequences. today we live in a community where good intentions are ruled by restrictions and laws that bind our words and actions in ways that were, in years past just accepted for what they were and responsibility for the effects were shared between the parties involved.

By way of a couple of examples in years gone by: If I gave someone advice on a matter, the other person would be expected to consider that advice and act on it one way or another according to their own conviction. The responsibility of the outcome on their action would be with the person receiving the advice. On the other hand If I told someone to place their hand in a fire and the idiot followed that advice, The responsibility for the outcome would be shared. Sadly in today’s world things are different so I have come to the conclusion to publish the following:


The author’s of any of the articles or comments appearing on this website both past, present and in the future are personal opinions only and should not be used for the following:

Diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.

Legal advice.

Spiritual Matters.

The author has used all reasonable care in compiling the information presented here but makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

This particular author is just a poor coot who is a prostate cancer patient and trying to navigate his way through the illness. Please consult a doctor or other health care professional for any medical advice. Please consult legal professionals for legal advice. Please consult respective religeous professionals for spiritual advice.

Lee Gallagher

aka Popeye

Here endeth the Disclaimer.

This says it all

This says it all


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