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Remission………. Perhaps

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Here I may be

Here I may be

Hi everyone and I wonder who is out there still interested in what is happening to me. Since I last posted the article on keeping things in perspective I have been curious as to who is still reading my stuff and I hope I still have an audience out there. I have not received many comments lately but one I must admit gave me he shivers and I hope Kathy received my reply OK and perhaps I was able to help a little.

I have come to the conclusion with the help of my local GP in a heart to heart talk we had, to drop my attendance with my local urologist as I have lost faith with him. I have decided to  transfer my well being to my local GP as they can monitor my progress/decline just as well, and refer me to whoever if and when I may need to go see a specialist if things go pear shaped. I have had all the major treatments I can have apart from continuing ADT injections and that, along with the monitoring of my PSA can be achieved locally.

At the time of this article I can say that I have not felt this well for at least two years. Despite the ADT and side effects, I have not felt this energetic and interested in my life for some time. I have been mowing the lawn and weeding, I have been up and about and looking forward to continuing my renovations around my house and I have been tree lopping at the next door neighbours place and gardening for her as she attempts to sell her property. I have been out at my sons place west of Mackay helping him with renovations and I am looking to visit my daughter in Cairns. This is the stuff I used to be able to do and looked forward to doing and here I am once again able to get involved, and I am just so happy to have this opportunity.

I guess I feel like I am truly in REMISSION and I am grateful for the chance to enjoy this. Right now at this time and at this place I feel like the last twelve months have been a bad dream.  I have not been given the official diagnosis of remission by the doctors but I know deep inside that I feel like I have another chance and besides my PSA is where it should be. I also just feel so much better.

Unexpected Remission

Unexpected Remission

I do not know what the future holds and if this thing may possibly return, but right here and now I know I am normal. If things change for me along the track I will be happy to accept the fact, but right now I am just so grateful to have had this time of grace in my life. I was going to apologise to all of you for the lack of drama and interest in this article but then again…… I just feel so great I feel like to hell with it, so here is my latest article with no warts, just good news from how I feel right now.

Cheers Guys and Gals

Lee aka Popeye


5 Responses

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  1. I am still out here reading your posts. I followed Greg’s story and I still pray for him every day. My husband has had a story similar to your own. He is going to finish his Firmagon treatment this August and apart from the side effects from that he feels good. We had a year or so that normal life was put on hold while he dealt with all the really nasty stuff like ureteral stints and radiation. We are grateful for this time of grace and health for as long as it lasts. I am so happy that you get this gift as well, and that you recognize it. Keep posting updates, I am interested.


    5 May 2013 at 1:57 am

  2. I am still here reading all your posts and so happy to hear how well things are going. It must be a huge relief to be feeling almost back to normal again. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Megan Oliver

    5 May 2013 at 3:59 pm

  3. This reply from me is intended for both Ann and Megan. I really appreciate your prayers and good wishes and perhaps they made a difference in the way I feel today. It is amazing how things change in such a small space of time. Three weeks ago I was a bit of a mess, in February I can remember trying to walk a couple of kilometers and I was hopeless. It was only my strength of mind that allowed me to get back home. Fatigue has been a real issue for the last 12 months, however here I am today not needing a nap throughout the day.
    Anyhow Ann I appreciate just how you and your husband feel with being allowed the grace to enjoy being yourself and the enjoyment of life for as long as we can. Where things may take me in the immediate future I am no longer afraid of but just grateful to be given the allowance.
    My wife Lynette is also amazed at the changes and is cheering me on. Nette has been my main carer and backstop through all this and she has trouble trying to work out why things have been so good so quickly. Mind you she is not complaining, just happy for me and I guess for her sake, as I am actually active around the house and I am able to contribute.
    Many thanks for replying to me to both of you and may your god bless both of you.
    Lee aka Popeye

    Lee Gallagher

    5 May 2013 at 9:54 pm

    • Peter is still here and wishing all, the best of health.
      I stopped seeing my specialist, immediately after the “Wicked Cut”.
      Stopped – only because I could see no value in paying Specialist Rates, to do what I can do myself..
      ie… READ the blood test and confirm that PSA is ZERO…
      I really appreciate that some are lucky (like me), and that whilst the “Wicked Cut” is dramatically life impacting, at least we don’t have those dramas of ADT etc. etc.


      6 May 2013 at 5:30 pm

    • Don’t be too hard ob yourself, there are many people who can’t walk kilometers with out a struggle, myself included! 😉

      Megan Oliver

      6 May 2013 at 6:13 pm

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