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A Personal Cancer Treatment Update

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Health UpdateFor those readers who are still following this site I would like to offer the following information. Greg and his family have given me their blessings for me to carry on with contributing to this tale of prostate cancer and its effects and treatments.

So the likely place to start is with an update on my health position at this time. In later posts I hope to offer latest news of treatments and various posts that may be of interests to readers. I will be endeavouring to write articles that come from my my point of view rather than trying to emulate Greg and his style. I am conscious of the fact that this site is not about me and my journey as the sole intent of the articles I write, but rather to try and bring together an interesting variety of subjects for all readers. This is not to say I will be neglecting my personal story as I will be updating my position from time to time as would be expected. So now to the business at hand.

Starting with my update. Since my last health report regarding my Turp operation and long recovery since May this year I can say that I am in reasonably good health at the moment apart from symptoms that have developed in the past month in relation to back pains, hip stiffness and walking issues. all of the infections I had in the pelvis and prostate have resolved and I am ready to proceed to the next level of treatment.

You may recall that from the very beginning of my journey I have been led to believe that my options were HDR brachytherapy followed by 5 weeks of external beam radiation. I have since visited the radiologist oncologist in Brisbane who has informed me that the HDR brachytherapy is no longer an option. This is because the procedure is now high risk as during the TURP operation over a third of my prostate was removed during the procedure making me at high risk for permanent incontinence. My options have now decreased to a full 8 week course of IMRT radiation at the hospital of my choice with continuing hormone treatment.

Prostate CancerI have selected to be treated at Nambour hospital in the sunshine coast north of Brisbane and am due to begin on the 22nd October 2012. I will have my computer with me and will keep this site posted on my treatment.

You may remember that in a previous post I made reference to the ADT drug Anandron that I was taking daily and my suspicions it was causing me problems. This ADT drug was in support of the 4 monthly injected implant of Eligard that I am also medicated by. I mentioned that I suspected that Anandron was responsible for most of the rotten severe side effects I was having over the past 6 months. Well the specialist agreed to let me stop taking this drug and the result has been amazing, my well-being and quality of life went from zilch to livable almost immediately. I still have side effects from the Eligard implant but they are at least manageable. I still have hot flushes, I am still tired most of the time, some times worse than others, I still have minimum strength, I am still muddle-headed, my dangley bits have all but disappeared as has a lot of body hair etc. However these are all milder and easier to accept and deal with than the severe effects I had while on the Anandron medication as well.

HealthMy other health issues I have at the moment have developed over the past month and are a bit of a worry. I have developed aches and pains in the lower back, hips and legs. I am also having trouble walking with my legs having no strength and they sort of give way when I am walking, the effect is rather like wonky legs. I remember having similar wonky type symptoms 20 years ago when I was recovering from a back operation (Laminectomy) in 1992.  I have had scans and an MRI done to try and discover what may be causing these symptoms and hope to get some results this coming week.

Lee aka Popeye

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