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An Article for Greg With Warm Appreciation

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Hope and Understanding

Hope and Understanding

As a tribute to Greg Naylor I would like to offer the following post. Much of what I write here I have alluded to in some of my previous posts, however I am driven by my inner voice to outline again how much Greg’s post has helped me personally. All of us at any one time through life play the parts of students, teachers, carers, mentors, listeners, speakers, leaders and followers, either helping or hurting those around us with our actions and intentions. How we affect those close to us during our life defines us in their memories with, respect, love or hate. For most of us we do things by instinct without any devious planning for a reward, we just make decisions and act in the best interests of those people who share our life. We are blessed If we can also reach out and help a stranger along the way while we are alive.

Greg began this site after being diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer and knew he would die from this disease. From this understanding he began to document his trials and tribulations with his illness. On this site you can find any amount of technical information on prostate cancer and its treatment, also personal stories relating to mental aspects, treatments, what worked for him and what didn’t, spirituality, preparations for death, effects of symptoms, family reactions etc etc.

It is, in my opinion a holistic cancer site that is not only for prostate cancer sufferers and their families but is relevant to cancer sufferers in general. Those with any type of cancer and their families and carers can find much of value among Greg’s articles. I believe it would be of use also to organisations and people working with cancer patients in our health system. There is just so much of value in these articles that describes one sufferers point of view that points the way on how other sufferers must feel and deal with the illness. I would like to see the information on this site spread further afield so many more patients, organisations,and health workers could benefit through the insights it offers. The information here is by no means complete but is only a beginning, it only shows the way and begs being added to by other cancer patients.

Hope in a jar

Hope in a jar

In my own case, I remember after my diagnosis how I began searching for information on prostate cancer. I spent weeks searching for technical stuff I could understand and when I found I was going around in circles I started to look for the human side of this illness. I visited web sites all over the place finding forum after forum which disappointed me, I found a few personal sites which were good and I added them to my favourites. Then I found Greg’s site and became hooked. Greg had been down the cancer track for four years and his pathway was documented from the beginning.  Here I could glimpse some of the things that I might experience along my voyage, I could read about a man and his mental attitude toward what was happening to him warts and all. I went back to the beginning and read all the articles which added to my insight into my own anguish and I also found a commonality in many things.

Greg had a small add in the side bar of his site, inviting others afflicted who may be interested to contribute articles. I contacted him via email using the pseudonym Popeye, and we continued emailing for a couple of weeks. Finally I agreed to come on board trying to construct interesting posts for the readers. I have avoided any real technical stuff leaving this to Greg and concentrated on my own circumstances. Greg had previously asked me to continue this site after his death and recently his family have expressed the same wishes. Therefore I will be continuing to post articles here and hope they can be as interesting and informative as Greg’s. Rather than try to copy Greg’s style and format I will approach my stuff in my own way and present it here.

During our partnership I had always held the hope I would go to Euroa and meet with Greg in person, sadly this did not happen in time for our earthly meeting. Greg and I kept in touch approx three to four times a week, either by Skype, mobile phone or email and we got to know each other reasonably well. When news came of his passing my inner voice told me it was time to go to Euroa. I met Greg’s wonderful family who treated me like a long-lost Uncle as did various friends and characters in Greg and Paulines’ lives. I managed to meet Greg in spirit during my time in Euroa and thank him for everything he has done for this former stranger.




I’ll see you again old mate.

Lee aka Popeye


Written by Lee

6 October 2012 at 6:00 am

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  1. It”s amazing Pop how a man who you didn’t get to meet in person has influenced on your life in such a positive manor in such a short time and that is in essence Greg’s legacy. Just by setting up this website he has helped many people cope with a difficult time in their lives, the reason it’s special is because we ALL have the ability to make a difference but yet very few do and Greg was one who did.
    May he rest in peace.

    Jesse Stanfield-Gallagher

    6 October 2012 at 11:48 am

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