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Is there anything beyond death?

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In June 2008, I posted an article on The Meaning of life. It explored my belief system and the existence of God or a higher source responsible for the universe as we know it.  It is the final question that I want to deal with here:-

… Is there anything beyond death?

Like the question of a God, logic demands that there is either something beyond death or there is not. Similarly, if there is not, we will never find out.

It seems that there are as many concepts that it does exist as there are people to ask the question. These range from being with loved ones, through eternal bliss through to reincarnation. Is there an ever growing universe of disappointed souls or could it be that they are all correct?

Consider my proposition that I am part of my God and that you are too. This is supported by the Christian faiths who commit a person’s soul to ‘live and reign with God’ at funeral services. If we have the power to reign with God, then we have the power to create our own individual ‘heaven’. In that context, whatever is envisaged as ‘life after death’ will be for you.

Earlier I mentioned the problem I had with all organised religions and their claims. If my proposition holds true that we are a part of the God being, then followers of all those religions must also be right.

My primary focus beyond death is to share with God the progressive evolution of the source of all creation. That does not preclude that, at some point, I may chose to be with those dear to me because, ‘reigning with God’ means that I will have that option.

That is the ultimate exercising of the free will bestowed upon me by God. I am at peace with my God on these matters at this time.

Now, I am not so sure:-

Everything else I had written in the original post still holds true.  Yes, there is a God. Yes, it is a learning God and we are the tools that do the learning.

However, it is a bit arrogant to expect that this God owes us anything.  I suspect that being allowed free will to do as we please is as far as it goes.  With an ever expanding population and the fact that civilisations have come and gone before us, why would this civilisation be the exception.

We are still part of the God Force but it puts paid to the idea that whatever is envisaged as ‘life after death’ will be for you.

No reincarnation, no meeting family and friends, and no “All religions must be right”.

Under this scenario, there is no life after death.


Written by Greg Naylor

8 September 2012 at 12:00 am

7 Responses

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  1. I will forward this on to a pastor friend of mine…..perhaps he may share the truth with you…blessings Alison


    8 September 2012 at 3:46 am

    • The God of the Bible stands apart from and is distinct from his creation in much the same way as the artist is not a part of his painting. He exists separately from it. Adam and Eve, while created by God, were never a part of God, and neither are any of their descendants. Adam and Eve were distinctly different from any other creature that God created. They could communicate with God and with each other in a way that the animals counld not. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, their relationship with God was broken and their relationship with each other was also damaged. God had forewarned them that the consequences of such disobedience would be death – ultimately, separation from God forever. Because we are incapable of rescuing ourselves from such a predicament, the initiative for our rescue must come from someone else who is not cut off from God. That someone else is Jesus. His death on the cross had us in mind. By our actions, we could not cancel the death sentence that hung over us. On the cross, Jesus suffered that death sentence for us, so that by faith in him we are set free from sins’ penalty over us. When our body dies, we are no longer present with our friends here on earth, we are with God, without the limitations that our sin tainted body placed on us. Death is not the end of our esistence. It simply marks the end of our existence in our bodies here on this earth and our entry into God’s presence without any of our present human limitations – if we have placed our trust in Jesus to deliver us from the penalty of our sin.

      Trevor Walmsley

      8 September 2012 at 4:03 pm

      • Greg: its Lee I loved your post and I have to add my life experience here as brief as possible. I was brought up in a catholic family in a catholic neighbourhood in Sydney. I have been on this earth for 65 years and have read a bit and looked up at the stars and wondered are we the only ones out there.

        I reason that mankind has been going on for a lot longer than five thousand years and involves many civilizations in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the middle east. Our culture has embraced the religion from the middle east via Judaism or christianity. Yet there have been many different religions from these different parts of the world all relevant to the people who lived in those areas at those times. The big question to ask is WHO IS RIGHT? I believe like you that they all are.

        I believe in god but not in a christian way, nor an islam way nor any of the ways. I believe we are all part of god and that we are all part of each other. In other words WE ARE ALL ONE. I believe in reincarnation and I guess you could say that anything may be possible.

        Who can really say what is right and the correct path to follow. In my life I have tried to live as the best person I could possibly be. Honest, trustworthy, respectful, moral and to treat others as I wish to be treated. I believe in god because to believe otherwise is to give up hope that any of this existence means anything at all.

        I pose the question where was I before I was born???? I cannot believe that I just suddenly happened out of nowhere. I have lived, loved ,learned, experienced sadness, excitement, loss, satisfaction, and many other experiences. How can these have been for nothing when I die.

        Greg I am with you on this subject.

        Lee aka Popeye

        Lee Gallagher

        10 September 2012 at 11:05 pm

        • Goodmorning Lee
          I read your post with interest. Pleased you have lived an honest and good life. BUT ‘good works’ does not get us to eternity with the Lord……only a relationship with Jesus Christ
          I continue to hold both you and Greg in prayer…..may God bless you and show you His truth


          11 September 2012 at 6:53 am

  2. Alison: Thank you for your reply and I really appreciate your concern for both Greg and myself. I do believe in prayer when it comes from the heart and not from a sense of duty,and I am grateful that someone out there feels enough concern to pray for us.


    Lee Gallagher

    12 September 2012 at 10:50 am

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