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An Interlude With a Grandson

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My son Matthew and his son’s Jesse (oldest) Shannon (red shirt) Bohdi Black shirt and Lachlan in blue shirt

I would  like to tell a simple story that happened to me this past weekend. I am currently out at the Pink Hut Sapphire claim awaiting a visit from a friend of many years who wishes to see the claim as he passes through the area.

It happened that my son and family came out to spend the weekend with me. As we were sitting around the campfire yarning, philosophising and observing the stars, a rat kangaroo suddenly came into the camp and began devouring some vegetable scraps we had laid out for such an event. It was then that my grandson Lachlan asked me a personal spiritual question.

Before I continue, I have to relate the following story I had told a couple of years back. It was a similar situation sitting around a campfire here at the hut with my son and all his sons squatted about. We started philosophising about certain things and all of a sudden I was reciting the following incident that happened to me many years ago.

My father had died of a heart attack at 47 years of age.  I was in the army at the time doing basic training at the age of 22. Dad died alone and left me without my main backstay in life. Years later I had married and had two children Matthew and Wanda. On one memorable late night I happened to be sailing with my wife and family on board our little sail boat between the Whitsunday Islands and Mackay.

It was late at night and my family were asleep below. The night was a perfect picture , warm and balmy as only the tropics can be, with a slight favourable breeze and the stars reflecting in the water. I sat in the cockpit steering while reflecting on my father and regretting the fact that he never saw me married nor knew his grandchildren. All of a sudden he was sitting across from me and I will never forget his words, “she’s right cobs” (Cobber or cobs being part of his descriptive vocabulary) I swear he stayed with me for about ten minutes without saying anything else just enjoying the moment. I was too frozen and stunned to say anything and just sat and enjoyed the contact.

Campfire Dreaming

Returning now to the recent campfire at the hut with the three of us sitting about chatting about this and that and watching the kangaroo rat when suddenly Lachlan looks up at me and says. “Pop you remember when you told us about your dad and that he came back and spoke to you on your yacht”.  I asked him to continue and he replied. ” Pop with your illness and all that, if you happen to die could you try and make contact with me like your dad did for you so I know you are OK”

This child is 11 years old. So! what was my answer?? I simply said “Mate, I will try”

Lee aka popeye

Written by Lee

5 September 2012 at 12:00 am

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  1. Aww. What a sweetie. I love the beautiful innocence and wonder that surrounds children. If you do decide to come back one day in the very distant future, please visit me too!

    Megan Oliver

    29 September 2012 at 9:32 am

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