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An update on my recovery from the TURP procedure

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I thought I would update my recovery progress from the TURP procedure I had in May 2012 the story of which appeared in my post on the 14/05/12 and titled “A  T.U.R.P Experience for anyone interested”.

In that post I summarised that I was glad I had the procedure. It has been five weeks now since I had that surgery and I am not so sure that my initial confidence still holds true with me. While most men who have the procedure appear to respond favourably there are a few who experience ongoing problems and I am begining to fear I might be one of them for the following reasons.

While it is true that my flow has increased tremendously I am still experiencing incontinence problems and rely on small pads to take up the slack. I suffer leakage at times when I bend over, cough, sneeze, pass wind etc etc. My nocturnal habits are the same as prior to the procedure and I am up several times throughout the evening. I have urinary urgency more often than before and I have had a few accidental moments.

By far my biggest concern is the pain associated with urination throughout the day. The flow generally starts fine then before the bladder is completely emptied the flow suddenly stops and pain begins in the pubic region spreads to the pelvic area and builds in intensity for approx 30 seconds before a feeling of backflow occurs and the pain subsides. This issue does not happen throughout the evening in my nocturnal visits to the toilet.

I figured that the reason I was experiencing these painful episodes throughout the day and not throughout the evening was because of the following. I am only five weeks out from the procedure and during the day I am more active which may be inflaming something in my pelvic area constricting the urethra through inflamation and swelling. In the evening during sleep and low activity this inflamation settles down.

Now that I am back home I have backed off as much activity throughout the day as I possibly can, stopped having a beer or two, coffee and tea and generally behaving myself trying to see if this may correct my problem. At the time of writing this there is no change. My next appointment with the urologist is on 6th July and I am hoping to see some improvement otherwise I will have to declare this to him. I am really dreading having to have some other procedure done down below to fix up whatever may be amiss.

There are many things this could turn out to be and include bladder issues, scarring, strictures, blockages so I will keep updating in my posts as new information becomes available.

On a slightly different issue regarding my original T.U.R.P the surgeon removed 14 gm of prostate material and this was sent to the pathologist. The results confirmed the original biopsy results in March of gleason score of 4+5=9 with 80% of the prostate material cancerous tumour.

3 Responses

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  1. Perhaps if you stopped all tea and coffee….anything that contains caffeine….think this should help with pain problem!


    21 June 2012 at 7:08 am

  2. My Gleason score was the same as yours 4+5=9 and my prognosis was that I had a terminal cancer with a lifespan of 6 months to a possible two years. Well as you know, I am now into my fifth year making the urologists prediction a little sad. However, if that is my status, I think you need to get a better understanding of your own position.

    Do not wait until 6 July to see the urologist. He does not own your condition – you do! Go see your local doctor – regularly – and make him your primary reference point. He will tell you if/when you need outside help. In sticking with my GP throughout, he has been able to monitor my progression and/or deterioration and has been my champion.

    Good luck mate and keep the story going.

    Greg Naylor

    21 June 2012 at 11:49 am

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