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Constituency Statements Indi Electorate: Climate Change

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Photo of Sophie MirabellaSophie Mirabella – 3 Feb 2010 – (Indi, Liberal Party, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research) Share this | Link to this | Hansard source

I rise to speak on the positive impact that the coalition policy for direct action on climate change will have on the local environment in my electorate of Indi, north-east Victoria. It is a very important slice of Australia, particularly with regard to the environment and its significant contribution of water to the Murray-Darling Basin. People in my electorate have been crying out not to be punished but to be rewarded, to have incentives to continue to contribute to improving the environment and reducing carbon emissions. I am very pleased to say that the coalition’s policy of direct action has a key role for rural and regional areas to reduce carbon emissions and to help the environment. From the additional $1,000 grant for solar power and hot water to the Solar Towns and Schools initiative, locals will be encouraged to take up the incentives and to do their bit.

Green groups in my electorate were horrified at the government’s proposal not only because it was a significant tax but because, importantly, it would do nothing to reward them for the efforts they were making in reducing carbon emissions. That caused significant distress in my electorate.

Our direct action plan is not only practical, which is what country people are, but also much cheaper. Our plan is $3.2 billion, as opposed to a $40.6 billion tax-and-churn system full of bureaucracy and inefficiency that would even allow the purchase of abatement from overseas to offset emission increases in Australia. We do not believe that Australian businesses and consumers should be slugged with a new tax. We have seen the cost of living increase in the last two years, to the distress of many families whether they are paying mortgages or not, and we do not believe that they can afford this brand new tax.

With the coalition’s plan, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to replenish a very valuable natural resource that we have—that is, our soils. I look forward to working together with many local organisations, individuals, farmers and businesses to see how north-east Victoria, my electorate of Indi, can benefit from the incentives in the coalition’s action plan for direct action.


Written by Greg Naylor

4 February 2010 at 12:13 pm

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  1. Ya Ya sure Sophie Mirrabella you say “People in my electorate have been crying out not to be punished but to be rewarded”. You only say that because your out of government and now you will say nothing to get back into government, to hurt country people again.

    People in Indi were crying out in need for dental health care their representative you Mirrabella did nothing you and your Howard Government the Wangaratte denatal clinic even closed down completely for about month before that was only opened one or two days a week instead of five days aweek for people indeed of dental health care.

    You are a disgrace Sophie Mirrabella as our representative.

    For over 10 years, you the your and Howard government only hurt Australians. Abbott was your health minister then cuts to health funding, decay of the health system/services for country people under you and your Howard Government the badly crippling and falling apart of our schools, doctors, nures, hospital beds and hospitals because of you and your government Sophie Mirrabella.

    Now your third leader in two years Abbott, did not he say this carbon emissions is a lot of crap. You should stop talking crap too Sophie Mirrabella.


    4 February 2010 at 3:34 pm

  2. All of this is just rhetoric unless you explain where your $10 billion comes from.

    $1 billion per annum is a lot of money. How would a future Liberal government pay for this, if they’re not going to impose more taxes or increase debt?

    The only answer is through cutting government expenditure….so what are you going to cut?

    As for incentives for green groups, I’m sorry, what are they?

    All the works proposed are apparently to be carried out by the Green Army, thus sidelining local activists.

    And farmers lose out under the Liberals’ proposed package – no incentives or rewards for planting trees, and a lower price for soil carbon sequestration than they would get under the CPRS.

    Add to all this that your plan will actually see emissions rise, and it’s clear what a dud it is.

    Zuvele Leschen

    17 February 2010 at 10:20 am

    • The Government is yet to explain the ETS/CPRS so I guess that is all rhetoric too. We just do not understand it.

      $1 billion is not that much. Remember the cost of the Y2K preparations which were never budgeted for – the money was just found because it was deemed necessary. By the way, where will Peter Garrett find the $50 million to check the foil insulation in Australian homes.

      I think working through a structured green army would be far better than through existing green groups who do not have the manpower available.

      Under the ETS/CPRS, the Government states that our emissions will also rise but will be offset with the tricky concept of giving money to poor countries to reduce their emissions and then claiming the savings for Australia. Does that mean that those countries will be penalised for NOT reducing their emissions – or will they count it twice? I think we all know the answer! How could that even be measured? On top of that, our ever increasing population will prevent total emissions from ever being reduced.

      At least we now have a second option that we can consider and vote upon. That has to be a good thing.

      Greg Naylor

      17 February 2010 at 12:13 pm

  3. The Liberal/National former government did not really try to achieve anything – only now because they are out of government the Liberal’s/National’s even Abbott stated that world increasing carbon emission is crap, but now they are in top gear with rhetoric.

    It seems money can be found by labor or by the Coalition as in Mr. Naylor’s comments.

    But we need a government with honesty that will not favor multi-million dollar companies or companies having control over government not reducing their polluting emissions.

    Government must force companies to change in reducing their pollution, it can be done and must be done for the health of our childrens future.

    The money can be found, what is more important is how will it be spent.

    I feel plastic wrappings of frozens foods with their plastic inside thick pastic pockets/containers (eg 8 pack frozen pies)should be no-more, just outter cardboard from plantations or even some other innovation in materals.

    I feel Labor, and even more the Greens are more conscious of Australia’s and world awareness.

    The Howard government with Abott in health and Sophie Mirabella for Indi did nothing over eleven years in government – But they now have all the answers out of Government!

    Didn’t Sophie Mirabella agree with Howard for a nuclear power station in Victoria, but not in her back yard!


    17 February 2010 at 1:57 pm

  4. Roman, the former Liberal/National Government achieved a lot. However, hubris set in and they went against the will of the people (Iraq, Work Choices, etc) and we kicked their arse for it.

    You say, “The money can be found, what is more important is how will it be spent”. Did you see today that Kevin Rudd is spending $10 million to halve Australia’s mentally ill homeless. He said, “In total, 36 additional personal mentors will be on the ground by mid-2010 to provide intensive assistance to homeless Australians with a severe mental illness”. How can that halve the number of homeless.

    Your dream of a government with honesty that will not favor multi-million dollar companies or companies having control over government is a nonsense. Money talks and buys governments the world over. Why should Australia be any different?

    Greg Naylor

    17 February 2010 at 4:39 pm

  5. Yes unfortunately your correct money talks and buys, (thats why people are suffering) this is extremly so like in the USA (not only USA)in our western democracy pharmacological campanies etc, have influence over governments.

    In Australia I feel former Liberal/National Government achieved very little over the eleven years hospital,dental care,doctors,nurse,tradesmen the back bone of any country was negected by the Howard Government and Howard jumped to what Bush wanted.

    I agree with you money can be found by governments but the 10 million dollars (to halve Australia’s mentally ill homeless) is very little most will not go far. The unfortunate through no fault of their own will always suffer. This must be turned around, a Liberal/National will not do this.

    On ABC four corners (15 Feb 10), severe disabled child and adults, elderly parents or the single mums can not cope. This specialised school in Sydney is closing parents are in a bad way already,can’t work because of disable child and getting more and more in debt. One parent and a number of parents with severely disable children are moving back to England, where care for them is paramount compaired to Australia. England has about five such special live-in schools, Australian only has one and this is closing.

    Australians with severely disable child are suffering getting metally ill themselves because of the stress and worry.

    Ok this is Labor problem now I feel for those families, now that I know our government is being very slack in this kind of care.

    But with the Liberal/National they did nothing just bragged about the huge surplus for money they had, while genuine Australian were suffering.

    There is more hope with Labor, we saw how the Liberal and National ended up – useless.


    18 February 2010 at 12:42 am

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