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King Valley Medical Crisis – Update 27 Nov 09

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Minister asked to intervene to secure services

Written by steve Kelly.

HEALTH Minister Daniel Andrews has been asked to intervene to ensure doctors clinics in Whitfield and Moyhu don’t close at the end of the year.

The clinics have been operational for 30 years, but defiant locals fear their future beyond this year, when Ovens and King Community Health Service (OKCHS) withdraws its support to the clinics.

Bill Sykes (MLA, Benalla) addressed parliament on Wednesday, informing members that “a shortfall between the GPs’ contribution to the costs and the actual costs” for the clinics to function could no longer be met by OKCHS.

Mr Sykes said locals need to talk to doctors and OKCHS to express the need of the community facility.

And he offered a glimmer of hope, indicating Minister Andrews was one who does take an active stance with community issues such as this.

It’s believed the bottom line is a little over $300 per week, which OKCHS could no longer afford to meet for reasons connected to its company status.

“At this stage OKCHS and the visiting GPs have not been able to reach agreement on meeting these costs,” Mr Sykes said.

Archived 28/11/09 – Chronicle article expires 30/11/09


Written by Greg Naylor

28 November 2009 at 11:22 am

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