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Whitfield up agaist it with the RCoW

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The Whitfeld Progress Group appears to be still getting the runaround from the Rural City of Wangaratta, who go out of their way to support infrastructure projects in the King Valley.  In my 10 years there, nothing has changed as this internal email shows

We realize the processes of local government take time and there are only limited financial resources available and we do appreciate the assistance you have given us.

It is just the fact that all these infrastructure projects have been discussed before and their resolution was accepted as council policy in 2002 but they have never been acted upon.  Now we are going through the same process again in 2009. You can understand why we are just a little sceptical about the value of the consultation process.   I was rather surprised to learn you are still waiting for funding to undertake the King Valley Masterplan. I had thought it was due for completion this year.

We are progressing the cycling paths proposals and have spoken with the Glenrowan people about their application, also have quite a few letters of support from the King Valley community. No maps yet from the DSE. Rob Steele has been seconded to another project but was going to organize with Therese Davies from Wodonga to forward the maps and explanations which hasn’t happened. Perhaps you could assist here. Therese has previously emailed a map to Cathy van Gastelen at the Cheshunt General Store re this project but it only partly covered the area of interest and there was no explanation of the significance of the codes designating the various land parcels.

The website proposal is certainly interesting although we would probably need someone with Greg’s dedication and expertise to properly maintain it. I had a look at the Oxley website which is quite good but the Moyhu website has limited and out of date information posted. In reality it is difficult to have a uniquely Whitfield website as most community activities in the area would have participants and venues ranging from Rose River to Edi and possibly Moyhu, including King Valley, Myrrhee and Cheshunt.  Could we have an Upper King Valley website to include Edi, King Valley, Whitfield, Cheshunt, Myrrhee and Rose River? This would surely improve community cohesiveness and responsibility for maintaining the website could be shared among the different communities.  It is something to discuss at our next meeting.

Also the southern end of the King Valley it is a bit of a telecommunications black hole.  Most people are out of range of the ADSL network, fast satellite broadband is expensive and dial up internet is painfully slow. There are also a lot of members of the community who, whilst they participate in community activities, do not have the internet. This rather limits the usefulness of electronic notice-boards.

I have moved over 100 kilometres from Whifield and it looks like I am not going to be able to get the district out f my system


Written by Greg Naylor

28 August 2009 at 11:03 pm

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