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They told us there was no connection

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Pigs appear to be the latest victims of swine flu .. with a piggery in the NSW central west under quarantine after two tests came back positive to the virus.

Staff at the piggery may be the source of the illness and they’re now being tested for swine flu after previously suffering flu like symptoms.

It’s the first time pigs have been infected with the virus in Australia.

NSW Primary Industry Minister Ian MacDonald says he can assure consumers sick animals haven’t entered the human food chain .. and pork products remain safe to eat. … AAP

News results for swine flu deaths in australia … They are not keeping us adequately informed

Australian Swine Flu Death Toll Hits 54 as Man Aged 22 Dies‎ – 3 days ago

By Joanna Cooney July 29 (Bloomberg) — The death toll from swine flu in Australia reached at least 54 as a 22-year-old man with the virus died,

Written by Greg Naylor

2 August 2009 at 3:32 am

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