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The collective guilt of a city

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Photo by Border MailWAYNE will shuffle through Albury clutching his plastic bags no more.

He died at the Albury Base Hospital on Wednesday night after police found him lying on the ground in the streets he was so much part of.

Wayne was one of the city’s best-known characters, yet how many people really knew him or anything about his background?  Few indeed, it seems.

How extraordinary, then, that a Facebook website devoted to Wayne (Wayno!) had over 2500 hits.

The extract above is from the Border Mail article,  “And now the streets have no Wayne” and is a must read for the story seems to have reached the hearts of a city that is now expressing its collective guilt at not having had the time or patience to help this homeless soul.

There are four pages of comments, as of Saturday lunchtime, expressing the full range of human emotions.  It is a must read that will touch your heart.


Written by Greg Naylor

6 June 2009 at 1:56 pm

Posted in DEATH, right to die

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