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Local Blog links for 2009-04-25

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This will probably the last post of links to the other North East Blogs as I have automated the process using Yahoo Pipes.

In the right column, you will find a heading, “What the North East Bloggers posted today” which list all posts made in the last 24 hours.  Hover over an entry and you can reaad the first paragraph of each post.

  • Ubuntu 9.04 Final has been released. I installed it today and have been using it for a few hours. A few things of note so far:
  • I know that we need the rain, but I had this weekend marked for decent MTB training as there is a race next weekend. Oh well, back to the Corona and geeking out.
  • hello world…. well it’s been a long time coming. I needed a place to post my randon thoughts and findings that I come across on a daily basis that I typically annoy the crapper out of my mates via email and twitter. So I thought I would bite the bullet and set up a blog. Expect random tech posts of things that I find interesting and solutions to IT problems that I deal with daily. Throw in some lolcat photos, my mountain biking adventures and social observations (usually things I see around society that shit me to tears).
  • As I run my “test” operating systems on my secondary Intel PC I heavily use Synergy. This is a software KVM (aka. one keyboard & mouse driving two computers). I have been using this for years and is a great piece of software. It’s PC/Mac/Linux compatible and is open source.
  • Maybe they’re only referring to the Vietnam War? This ‘tribute’ appeared in today’s Domain real estate lift-out in the Border Mail and I’m outraged.

Written by Greg Naylor

26 April 2009 at 12:04 am

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