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We need better refugee management

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Opposition demands answers over new asylum boat
ABC Online – The Federal Opposition says the Government must explain how a boatload of asylum seekers almost managed to reach the Western Australia coast. …

First of all, these people are not asylum seekers until they apply to be so.  At this moment they are said to be refugees from Sri Lanka.

Secondly, the navy has no right to intercept them until they are in Australian territorial waters. If the opposition would have them intercepted in Interantional waters, it would be an act of piracy.  The opposiion needs to recall their own handling of refugees when they were in government.  We do and we don’t want more of the same.

Australia’s migration zone policy now under a spotlight
ABC Online – ‎PETER CAVE: Many aspects of Australia’s refugee policy are coming under scrutiny after the explosion of a boat carrying asylum seekers off Australia’s coast …

…  and so it should be.  With more refugees headed our way, the federal government needs to establish a workable protocol that processes applications for asylum fairly and compassionately.  The government needs to be reminded that the recent past treatment of these poor buggers is one ofthe reasons why they were elected.


Written by Greg Naylor

23 April 2009 at 1:16 am

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  1. […] I won’t say a lot about the issue because others have already said it much better than I could. Like Greg Naylor’s excellent perspective and attitude expressed in these two great posts titled: Afghan refugees deserve our compassion & We need better refugee management. […]

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