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  • Lisa Mahood and Anna Speedie refuted claims made by David Engwicht upon his resignation as Wodonga’s placemaker.
  • I had hoped to present various videos from observers and participants at tonights council meeting. It appears that the method I used to record these interviews needs work.
  • At tonights meeting, Wodonga Council considered eight recomendations from it’s High St reference group, Councillor Angela Collins voted “NO” on each and every one.
  • Are you tired of paying council rates and special council rates only to see it gobbled up by a voracious and ever-growing bureaucratic empire for no tangible benefit back to you? Then join my syndicate to purchase and develop the Bright Plains Resort
  • ALTHOUGH many farmers in the North East have been battling the affects of drought, Whitfield’s Robert Gaspari is thankful he lives in “God’s country”.
  • I’m not really looking to start a debate on the asylum seekers attempting to arrive in Australia on board leaky boats coming out of Indonesia. Our PM has described the people smugglers who operate these death traps as “The scum of the earth”, which I actually believe is an over-reaction.
  • “The police showed me a list of (Klan-like) hate groups that they were currently monitoring. I am positive that Albury-Wodonga is on that list … ” ~ ex KKK chief turned evangelist, quoted in Saturday’s Border Mail ‘focus’ article.
  • St.Kilda, Geelong, Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but after just four rounds I’d suggest the present top 4 will be the same at the end of the year. Maybe not in the same order but it’s hard to see any of the other 12 teams seriously challenging for top-of-the-ladder positions. But what would I know? In this, the most predictable of seasons, I only managed to pick 4 out of 8 winners over the weekend! Here’s the ’round-up’:

Written by Greg Naylor

21 April 2009 at 12:07 am

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