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Thoughts on climate change

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Recent events have me convinced, beyond doubt, that the climate has changed. It matters not whether it is man made or a natural process – in recent events, the facts speak for themselves:

  • Victoria’s water reserves are at their lowest level ever.
  • Black Saturday was the hottest day ever recorded in Victoria.
  • A never seen before, and yet to be explained, bushfire phenomenon occurred on Black Saturday taking some 200 lives.

For some years, governments have been warning us of more natural disasters, more frequent flooding and more intense bushfires.  The Relief Web organisation records all natural disasters and every year they are reporting more than the previous year … it has come to pass!

These warnings are being taken seriously down through local government where they have influenced local planning regulations … so why is the public still sceptical?

Local farmers tell me, with authority, that it is just part of a natural cycle.  Yet, they have never experienced today’s climatic conditions before.  Well, if it has not happened in anyone’s lifetime, we are in uncharted waters and must heed the warnings of science or suffer the consequences.

Fortunately, today’s children who are being educated to face this new reality will replace the sceptics as they die off.  As they make their way in the world, they will respond far more positively towards climate change than the movers and shakers of today who persist with the old paradigm of profit before people.

We can only hope that the education of our children was started early enough to develop a sustainable lifestyle system before the environment collapses under the load of commercial exploitation.

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Written by Greg Naylor

16 April 2009 at 9:16 pm

Posted in PERSONAL

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