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What local Blogs posted yesterday …

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  • Not surprisingly we were full over Easter (there’d really be a problem if we weren’t) so this week I’ll be out doing lawns & stuff – and raking leaves – in preparation for the next ‘influx’ of guests. Well, that is presuming we get another influx.
  • The blogging phenomenon might be coming to an end. I’ve noticed a real drop-off, not in visits to this site, but in comments made by the usual fellow bloggers & participants. And not just on A.O. but on ALL the sites I regularly visit. The number of posts being written has dropped off alarmingly, especially at some of the better known blogs.
  • It’s not my headline. I was amazed to see this description of Richmond coach Terry Wallace in the Herald-Sun. They’re even running a poll – should he be sacked? As for round 3, apart from Essendon’s surprise win over Carlton, all results were entirely predictable, which probably explains why my fellow ‘expert’ Baldrick picked 7 winners from the 8 games. But what does it say about my tipping abilities? I only got 5. Here’s the round 3 ’round-up’:

Written by Greg Naylor

15 April 2009 at 12:04 am

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