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Wangaratta Traders back CBD cameras

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    • WANGARATTA traders believe surveillance cameras would have a greater effect on weekend violence and vandalism than reducing hotel trading hours.
      • Well they would say that, wouldn’t they. After all, they stand to make bigger profits with later trading hours. This is not a commercial problem, it is a social problem that must be confronted at a community level. Of course, CBD cameras would help in gathering evidence of anti-social behaviour. But it must be remembered, the offenders are usually drunk or stoned out of their minds and will not be intimidated by cameras. In fact, one could expect to see an increase of stupidity as they are likely to ‘big note’ themselves in font of the cameras. – post by gnaylor

    • Some owners have had the problem of damage, and vomit and other things on their doorsteps, and believe the cameras may be something to reduce the violence,” he said.
      • Vomit … on their doorsteps has nothing to do with closing times or security cameras, it is the direcct result of irresponsible patrons and venue managers getting these people drunk. The venue managers who allow this to happen time and time again should not be allowed to contribute to the debate.  Of course they will argue for extended trading hours as they sell more booze and make more profits – post by gnaylor

    • Everybody is aware that the current generation starts late and goes into the early morning, so I don’t think it’s any use trying to impose generation X or generation Y values on them.
      • Business Wangaratta’s president Anthony Newman is just as irresponsible in his resignation on imposing community standards on Wangaratta’s irresponsible youth. Binge drinking is not a social norm. It may be a practice of many of our young people that can only lead to anti-social behaviour and law breaking by those off their faces. It is not an excuse in law and therefore cannot be accepted an a social norm. We all know the only way to reduce the public disorder is to reduce the intake of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. We need a zero tolerance attitude from Wangaratta’s police towards anti-social behaviour of those attending entertainment venues. – post by gnaylor

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Written by Greg Naylor

9 April 2009 at 12:17 am

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