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links for 2009-04-05

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  • I’ve put a link in the sidebar to the the Weatherzone site for Bright, where you can get the 7 day forecast as well as click onto the local satellite & radar links from the Bureau of Meteorology’s site.
  • There’s a wonderful irony in parenting, that we want to imbue our children with a strong moral code and yet we will tell them bald faced lies when it suits our purpose.
  • Bright accommodation Easter. We’ve just had a very late cancellation of a 5-night booking over Easter at Grevillea Gardens in ‘Beautiful Bright’. I’m hoping it will be filled pretty quickly but getting a cancellation at this late stage is most unexpected.
  • Federal Opposition deputy leader Julie Bishop is right on the ball and has revealed the true nature and hypocrisy of our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who only last week tried to distance himself from his connections to organised crime, bikie gangs, drug-dealing, murder, rape, bashings and creating general mayhem & civil disarray with this pathetic statement:
  • Thursday the 9th from 8pm. Darren Hanlon is an “urban folk” artist well known in the Australian indie scene. Darren is known for his engagement with his audiences, through his down-to-earth storytelling at live gigs as well as his often charming lyrics. – Wikipedia
  • and came away with a Jeffrey Lewis CD. It was the wrong CD though. Don’t know if there was a right CD, but I couldn’t remember the name of the one song that was seriously clever and I wanted to hear again.
  • Buster Boy got busy on the white board in our kitchen earlier this evening. I was really happy when he told me that he’d done a portrait of me.
  • Council’s pool application might be a furphy Someone I know very well has just said to me,
    “Don’t worry about this pool thing, it will never go ahead. How many more studies does the Alpine Council need to tell them it won’t work?”
  • Following the Border Mail’s April Fools Day ‘joke’ involving a fictitious page-3 report of wild panthers roaming north east Victoria that sparked a wave of concern from would-be visitors & campers (so much so that they found it necessary to publish a retraction & explanation the following day), this letter appears in today’s edition.
  • As the end of daylight saving approaches many people are happy with the ‘extra hour’ that they will have for a sleep in this Sunday and in the week following, until their body clocks make the adjustment. In the Dave from Albury Compound however, the end to daylight saving simply means that when Buster Boy decides to wake me up the clock will say 5:30 instead of 6:30.

Written by Greg Naylor

5 April 2009 at 11:06 pm

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