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Roundup of District News (weekly)

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  • A DECISION by the Victorian Department of Transport not to reopen the Glenrowan railway station as part of the major upgrade of the North East rail corridor had greatly disappointed the local community, member for Benalla, Dr Bill Sykes said yesterday

    • “The survey concluded for a range of reasons that the cost to reopen the Glenrowan railway station was not justified and the Glenrowan transport needs for locals would be met by a combination of buses and trains while visitors could get off the train at either Benalla or Wangaratta,” Dr Sykes said.
      • I am not trying to be a spoil sport but what a hairbrained idea that was to apply for a railway station at Glenrowan. It is a town of some 300 houses and, whilst whilst the nearest employment centres are Wangaratta and Benalla, a commuter service was never going to happen as the trains passing through service the Melbourne to Sydney corridor. There are no local services.

        It would be a nice idea for tourism but then again, there are only a handfull of Melbourne – Albury – Sydney services anyhow.

        It would be more cost effective to concentrate on a bus commuter service to access the interstate trains at either Wangaratta or Benalla. – post by gnaylor

    • “The tourism figures show the bulk of people don’t use the train, they need to travel further afield to other sites and that generally means using their own car,” she said.
  • THE VICTORIAN woman who killed her husband two days after they married has been jailed for nine years. Patrick Plumbe, 60, was killed one day after making his new wife Margaret Vandergulik the sole beneficiary of his $1 million superannuation fund.

  • A HUSBAND and wife are among the many victims who have died protecting their homes. The bodies were believed found by emergency services this morning.

  • VETERAN firefighter Craig Allen says the shocking devastation he saw over the weekend will be etched in his memory forever. “It was like an atomic bomb site,” said the Everton CFA brigade captain of smoking debris which he once knew as the picturesque township of Marysville.

  • HE has almost 60 years of firefighting under his belt, but nothing prepared Max Allen for the firefight he and his crew endured near Barwidgee Creek on Saturday night.
    “It was the worst I’ve ever seen,” said the Everton CFA veteran, who captained the brigade for 28 years.

  • Police yesterday confirmed they had found two bodies at a home at Barwidgee Creek, believed to be the owners, John and Sue Wilson, who had tried to save their home.

  • THE Beechworth bushfire has wreaked havoc with the town’s power supply forcing the evacuation of patients from the hospital and leaving retailers facing the cost of lost stock. At Beechworth Health Service 30 high-care, aged-care residents and six acute patients have been evacuated to Benalla Hospital, North East Health Wangaratta and St John’s Village, Wangaratta.

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16 February 2009 at 12:30 am

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