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links for 2009-02-08

Greg, Ray, Jack, Dave and Kieran

The North East Bloggers: King Valley Watchdog (Greg) - Alpine Opinion (Ray) - Albury Wodonga Online (Jack) - Dave form Albury (Dave) and Border Journal (Kieran) at one of their random meetings

What the local Blogs posted yesterday

  • Any blogger worth his salt would be liveblogging the current crisis in intimate detail. I won’t be, explanation here. If you actually need information about the fires, tune into ABC local radio.
  • I will NOT be reporting on the fire situation. If you’re in a fire threatened area, tune into ABC local radio.
    I would usually recommend the DSE website and the CFA website, but the Herald Sun directed their readers there to check out “live updates” and “interactive maps”.
  • Due to the current fire situation I’ll be in and out of the area this week and won’t be able to put up many new posts.
    My thoughts are with those people who suffered great loss and especially the loss of loved ones in yesterday’s and last night’s firestorms (mainly close to Melbourne). This is a tragedy so I don’t want to say “I told you so” but the post written on Friday “Stay away from Melbourne (outer suburbs)” turned out to be an eerily accurate forecast of what was to happen.
  • Just a couple of quotes from the Rudd essay. Something that’s been overlooked in the blogosphere’s analysis of the Rudd essay are the statements about the role of social democracy in capitalism. It’s not something you often see outside socialist critiques of “reformism”. The emphasis is added.
  • Houses can be rebuilt. Lost lives are not so easy.
  • We’re frying tonight, along with the rest of South East Australia, there are bushfires covering the state, with the smoke from the fire south of Beechworth hanging around Albury adding to the discomfort. The heat has soaked into everything, even the floorboards are hot to touch at the moment, and the promised cool changes seem to consistently be another day or two away.

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9 February 2009 at 12:03 am

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