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How village communities operate

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$50 ticket = membership + meal + $3000 raffle

$50 ticket = membership + family day out + $3000 raffle

Whitfield, in the King Valley, is a village of less than 50 houses yet it has a golf club with nine holes and sand greens.  It is a great little course on land donated by the Pizzini family and is located next to the Whitfield pub.  it has no pro shop and is unattended on a daily basis.  It is maintained by a loyal group of members and it is open to the public.  There is an honor box to collect public green fees of $5 for 9 or 18 holes.

So, how does a village golf club become sustainable?

They have combined a membership drive with a fund raiser to ensure their required minimum membership base continues from year to year.  It works like this:

They have a raffle with a first prize of $3,000 selling 200 tickets at $50 each.  On the day of the draw, they throw a free lunch for ticket holders, who by purchasing a ticket, are now members of the golf club for the coming year.

The dinner is catered to by the ladies of the local community and this year we had cold chicken, salad and a smorgasboard of home made country sweets all washed down with beer or soft drinks supplied free as part of the deal.

The raffle, itself is one of those where every ticket is drawn and, through elimination, the winner is ultimately determined.

This is a great exercise in community action to keep a local facility viable.  Raising $10,000 in ticket sales and paying out around $4000 in prizes and overheads, the golf club has secured 200 members, raised about $6000 for maintaining the club and, most importantly, has done it’s civic duty in building community spirit.  They are to be congratulated.


Written by Greg Naylor

3 February 2009 at 12:00 am

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