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links for 2009-01-28

Greg, Ray, Jack, Dave and Kieran

What the local Blogs posted yesterday

  • The idea was simple enough, members of the public unable to get to council meetings could send me questions and I’d demand answers from council. Unfortunately, as I’ve been made aware, I can’t just walk into council meetings with a fat wad of questions.
  • These are the work mobile numbers of Wodonga’s councillors. Save ‘em to your phone so when you see something crap that council should be on top of, you can take a snap and send them a message.Mark Byatt 0408285930
    Angela Collins 0428464678
    Chris Ferguson 0427785329
    Ed Foulston 0428619330
    Lisa Mahood 0409562903
    Anna Speedie 0417138938
    Rodney Wangman 0400956253

  • GetUp is limited, both in the scope of it’s ideas and it’s methodology. At the moment they’re scoping ideas for action in 2009, why not go and fill in the yearly survey, and encourage GetUp towards a more substantive approach?
  • It’ll be 40 degrees plus for the next few days. In South Australia the government is worried that the grid wont cope, and have asked people not to turn on the aircon as the temperature is expected to hit 45 degrees in Adelaide.
  • Er, Kevin, this is NOT volunteering
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s plan to recruit an army of young volunteers to help the elderly, feed the homeless, and clean up the environment in exchange for reducing their HECS debts, is a contradiction in terms, and seriously flawed.

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