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N.E. Blogging Roundup 2009-01-25

Greg, Ray, Jack, Dave and Kieran

The North East Bloggers: King Valley Watchdog (Greg) - Alpine Opinion (Ray) - Albury Wodonga Online (Jack) - Dave form Albury (Dave) and Border Journal (Kieran) at one of their random meetings

What the local Blogs posted yesterday

  • The whole country is on welfare. The form is either more or less demeaning, but we’re all accepting the dole, or a pension, or a first home buyers grant, or a tax cut… We’re either poor and punished for it or rich and cheating.
  • Outspoken social commentator (and professional promoter of lamb chops), Sam Kekovich, has given his unAustralian of the year award to the former CEO of ABC Learning Centres, ‘Fast’ Eddy Groves, who proved that there are just some industries that should NEVER be allowed to be publicly listed on the stock exchange so that dishonest, greedy and sleazy executives can bleed the firm dry and then deliberately send it into receivership, while stashing all the cash overseas.
  • It’s that time of year again when we honour one person as the so-called ‘Australian of the year’. In my opinion the recipients of this award are very rarely worthy of such elevated status, case in point being last year’s winner, country music performer Lee Kernaghan. I still can’t get over the sight of Kernaghan accepting the award from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd while still wearing his ridiculously over-sized black cowboy hat. And that jingoistic, ultra shallow speech … truly cringeworthy!
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26 January 2009 at 12:00 am

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