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The things that kids get up to

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Here are a couple of bizarre kids in today’s news

An 11-year-old Mexican boy wants to break the world record for being the youngest bull fighter to kill six young animals in the arena this weekend.

The kid has been at it since he was four. Naturally, the do gooders want to put a stop to this bull.

“The bull-fighting opponents shouldn’t stick their nose in things they don’t like,” he said. “No one is forcing them to watch bull-fights or to keep informed about them. It’s as if I told a boy who does motocross not to do it, it’s very bothersome.”

10 year old takes to the road

“I put it in neutral and rolled it down the driveway and, when I was halfway down the road, I started it.”, the boy said.

Scott who is about 1.3 metres (4ft 2in) tall and slightly built said controlling the automatic car was not a problem, though reaching the pedals was a bit of a stretch.

“I thought it was going to be easy and it was. The car’s got power steering.”

At least he put on a seatbelt …

Going nowhere in particular, Scott made his way north along State Highway 3, ahead of him sheer drops, tricky turns, one-lane tunnels and unforgiving windy roads.

“I love the corners. I liked turning the car into them.”

Written by Greg Naylor

25 January 2009 at 4:13 pm

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